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Work Place

Animal Shelters

Volunteer Responsibilities

Caring for street dogs and cats (bathing, combing, taking dogs for walks), cleaning cages, public relations, and educational campaigns

Work Hours

Between 30 and 45 hours per week. Part-time work available.


Santiago, Viña del Mar, other cities upon request


Anytime during the year


2 weeks up to 6 months



Previous Experience

Not necessary


Spanish skills required (book your Spanish course with us!)


Single room with a host family or shared apartment


Half-board available when living with a host family

24/7 Emergency Number

Yes! A Chile Inside representative will always be available in case of an emergency.


Detailed CV, photo, completed registration form

Special Details

Please indicate if you have previous knowledge that is relevant to the program

Application Time

No deadlines. We recommend sending the application as early as possible, at least 4 weeks prior to the program start date. Short-notice registration is possible upon special request.

Health Insurance

Participant must show proof of health insurance coverage for Chile

Program Information

If you’ve been to Chile, you’ve probably noted the large number of stray dogs and cats wandering the city's streets. Unfortunately, many of these animals have been abandoned, and even abused. Due to the fact the animals are not sterilized, puppies and kittens are born every day into harsh conditions and often don’t make it to adult age. By volunteering through an animal project, you can help these poor animals find a new home and feel the love that they have never had a chance to enjoy. They are grateful for any friendly attention they receive, and love to be pet and taken on walks. In the animal shelter, you can help nurse the animals back to health by feeding, bathing, walking, and training them in addition to giving them medicine. Your duties with also include maintenance tasks in the shelter and enclosures. Furthermore, you will also help out with campaigns that educate the public on street animals and the importance of sterilization while also trying to find a new home for the animals.

No previous experience for this project is required. If you have a heart for animals and are a reliable and responsible individual, then this project is for you! You have option to choose whether to work with cats, dogs, or both.

Tasks may include:

  Caring for the animals (feeding, bathing, brushing, walking dogs)
  Feeding weak and young animals (puppies and kittens) with a bottle
  Cleaning cages and equipment
  Drug administration and support in sterilization procedures
  Rescue operations where animals are brought in from the street
  Distribution of food for animals that live on the street
  Public relations, educational work, and maintenance of the websites
  Support in the adoption process
  Help at events to raise funds for the organization

Accommodation and Board

During your animal volunteer work project, you can live in a carefully selected host family or in a shared apartment, both of which are always equipped with WIFI. If you prefer to book half board, practice your Spanish, and have an authentic Chilean experience, then choosing to stay with a Chilean host family would be your best option. If you would rather live with peers and be independent, a shared apartment might be the right choice for you.


Our prices are divided into two categories, distinguished by the services each includes. The basic option is the Standard Package, and the inclusive option is the VIP Package.
The prices are also related to the duration of the program. Payment is due when booking the program (for example: 4 months VIP package, one-time payment of 470 USD).

Our Prices:



up to

up to

up to

up to

up to


145 USD

240 USD

270 USD

300 USD

330 USD

360 USD


220 USD

335 USD

380 USD

425 USD

470 USD

515 USD

Prices are subject to change. Application fee 100 USD.

Our Standard-Package includes:
  Professional consultations prior to your trip to Chile
  Translation of your application documents and elaboration of your profile
  Organization of your volunteer program in Chile
  Elaboration of the volunteer work offer
  Individualized assistance from your contact person at Chile Inside
  Help with the necessary documents for visa application (if required)
  Chile Country Handbook
  Informative manual about your stay in Chile
  Santiago City Map (copyright by Chile Inside)
  Santiago City Guide (130 pages, copyright by Chile Inside)
  Informative welcome meeting with the staff in our office
  Escort by a Chile Inside staff member to your volunteer work location on your first day (ONLY in Santiago)
  Certificate of participation from Chile Inside
  Certificate of participation from the volunteer institution
  24-hour emergency telephone number

The VIP-Package includes the following services in addition to all services mentioned above:
  Organization of your accommodations (single room) in Chile
   [The monthly rent for the accommodation is not included and has to be paid on a monthly basis directly to the
   landlord in Chile (monthly rental prices range from 340 to 400 USD)]
  Airport transfer to your accommodation in Santiago


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