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Having fun while staying abroad in Chile

During your stay abroad in Chile as a volunteer, intern, Au Pair or Work & Traveller or a student at a language school, we want you to have fun and to meet other program participants and globetrotters alike. Next to your tasks in your project, you are certainly supposed to learn more about the country and the people around you and have tons of fun. During leisure time activities, it is easy to meet fellow travellers and you can build your network in Chile.


Chile Inside partners with Chile's International Student Network (short SEN)
**Chile Inside participants have access to the lower club member prices!**


On the website of Santiago Exchange Network (SEN) you can find information about the latest parties, excursions and short trips to amazing destinations in Chile and neighouring countries.

If you need help with the booking of SEN's offers please get in touch with the SEN staff or directly with your contact person at Chile Inside.

Please note: Before you book a short trip, think about asking in your host company or host family if your absence would cause any problems to them. We obviously want you to have plenty of fun during your stay in Chile. However, be careful that your leisure activities do not clash with your responsibilities at your work place!

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