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Latin America is full of adventures – Let South America Inside take you to the hot spots!

South America Inside is an agency that promotes and organizes intercultural, linguistic, and educational programs abroad. As a specialist in Central and South America, we offer you high quality programs throughout Latin America. You can choose among Internships, Work & Travel, Volunteer Work, Language Courses, Farm Stays, and Wildlife & Nature projects.

These experiences will take you back to the basics: learning about culture, helping others, or living in natural or remote areas; the perfect opportunity for adventure lovers and people who need a break from their daily routine. Discover the Amazon jungle, help endangered sea turtles, protect wildlife or mingle among the native population in an indigenous community!

South America Inside provides programs in 14 countries. They are aimed towards people who would like to see the “real side” of Latin America instead of following the beaten path. It does not matter if you are a student, professional or a retiree – we will organize a customized trip for you according to your preferences. You tell us what is important to you, and we will do the rest. Our experienced program coordinators are happy to assist you in setting up your dream trip!

Our programs:

Internship Abroad

Gain work experience in Latin America and get to know local cultures and work life. Upgrade your resume by showing your future employer that you are open-minded, tolerant, and internationally connected. An internship abroad is your personal ticket to an international career. Internship placements with South America Inside are available in the following countries:
  Internship Chile
  Internship Costa Rica
  Internship Ecuador
  Internship Guatemala

Work and Travel in South America

Are you traveling on a low budget? Would you like to experience a different and authentic way of traveling in a faraway Latin American country that goes deeper than mere tourism? Work and travel abroad! You will get to know the work ethic in foreign countries and be a part of a team with people from diverse backgrounds while also improving your Spanish skills. Working internationally will boost your professional and personal development and can open doors. Work & Travel is an unforgettable cultural experience. Check out our Work & Travel programs:
  Work & Travel Chile
  Work & Travel Costa Rica

Volunteer Work in South America

Help local communities, make kids laugh, or work with elderly people! Be more than a tourist, give back to society. Volunteering abroad while traveling is by far the most rewarding experience that one can have! Our volunteer projects are spread-out throughout Latin America, and you can choose from over 100 places in different countries in Central and South America. Search for your favorite volunteer work here: Volunteering Latin America

 Volunteer work in Teaching/Education
•   Volunteer work in Community Work
  Volunteer work with Wildlife
•  Volunteer work in Child Care
•   Volunteer work in Nature
 Volunteer work in Health Care
 Volunteer work in Building
 Volunteer work in Social Work

Language Course Abroad

Do you want to learn a new language? It is proven that the most efficient way to learn a foreign language is to study it in a native country. What do you feel like doing more: learning Spanish in a cosmopolitan city or at a lovely beach? Regardless of your personal preferences, at South America Inside, you can choose among almost 30 language school locations in 13 different countries in Central and South America.

Farm Stay Abroad

Get to know Latin America’s countryside! Work up-close with animals, become immersed in local cultures, and learn to ride like a true Patagonian Gaucho. It is more likely to get to know the “soul” of a country on the countryside than in a big and modern city. A life-changing experience awaits you on authentic Latin American farms and ranches. Our Farm Stays are available for you in South American countries that have a long history of caring for horses and are known for having large ranches. Read more about our Farm Stays at:

  Farm Stay Costa Rica
  Farm Stay Chile
  Farm Stay Paraguay
  Farm Stay Uruguay

Wildlife and Nature Projects in South America

Nowadays, everybody is talking about environmental and wildlife protection! Do more than just talk! Help conserve jungle and local wildlife in amazing and unique environments. Many animals and plants are in danger of extinction. Make a difference and lend a hand in local conversation projects or animal rescue centers. Our Wildlife & Nature Projects are located in different countries, choose your favorite!

No matter which country you travel to with us, we guarantee you will have an exciting adventure with unforgettable moments and life-changing experiences.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your adventure with us today!

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