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To safely enjoy your overseas adventure, you should take a moment to think about the appropriate insurance coverage to ensure your protection in case something happens. You may wish to consider the following types of insurance:

  Health insurance (until 365 days)
  Travel cancellation insurance
  Third party liability insurance
  Luggage insurance

Special adventures need special protection
From our experience we know the special needs of our program participants. So that you can enjoy your overseas adventure worry-free, we work with Allianz Global to offer you optimum insurance protection for your stay abroad.

Our advantages
According to the motto "travel for world explorers" we offer you the following advantages:

  Health insurance for up to 12 months
  No deductible
  Flexible and specially tailored to the needs of our travelers
  Trip interruption insurance protection
  Refund for trip interruption or early return
  Working abroad coverage
  Sport activities covered
  Very competitive rates
  Valid globally – no additional costs for the inclusion of travels to the US/Canada
  Insurance premium calculated on a day basis for the length of your travel

Costs and services
To streamline the process and offer you a special Chile Inside rate, we have already included all fees for insurance. What you see is what you pay! Click on the appropriate insurance to obtain information on rates and services. For further information or to request a quote for your overseas stay, simply send us a message.

Download  Foreign Travel Health Insurance (from 1,55 EUR/day)

Download  Travel Health Insurance & Liability Insurance (from 1,80 EUR/day)

Download  Comfort Package: Travel Health Insurance, Liability and Baggage Insurance (from 2,15 EUR/day)

Download  Travel Cancellation Insurance

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