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Farm Stay in Chile

Work Places

Generic farms, animal farms, cattle breeding, sheep farming, horse stud farms, horse breeding farms, riding centers, touristic farms, small family farms

Work Tasks

Depend on the farm. Usually simple work/assistant jobs/manual labor. Work can be exhausting and takes place mainly outdoors. Not appropriate for professional internships.

Work Hours

Between 30 and 45 hours per week; shift work may be required


You will get accommodation and food in exchange for your work


Mainly in the central region of Chile, southern Chile, and even Patagonia

Start Date

Anytime during the year


Minimum 4 weeks, maximum 6 months



Previous Experience

Not necessary. If you wish a work placement on a horse farm, we need a detailed description of riding experience.


Functional Spanish skills. Book your Spanish Course in Chile with us.


Single or shared room




Depends on farm site. Usually, Internet is available but cannot be guaranteed.


Chile Inside office in Santiago de Chile (English, German, and Spanish speaking) provides local support.

24/7 Emergency Number

A Chile Inside representative will always be available in the case of an emergency


Detailed CV, photo, completed registration form

Special Details

If Farm Stay with horses is requested, a detailed description about riding skills must be provided. Please add photos of yourself working with or riding horses.

Application Deadline

No application deadlines. We recommend sending the application as early as possible, at least 8 weeks before the program start date. Short-notice registration are available upon request.

Health Insurance

Participant must show proof of health insurance coverage for Chile

Farm Stay in Chile - Spend some time on a working farm!

Would you like to work on a farm or horse ranch and learn about the rural lifestyle in the beautiful Chilean countryside? For everyone who would like to take a break from the busy city life, Chile Inside offers a work abroad program on Chilean farms. Our Farm Stay programs are for participants of all ages and professional backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you have just finished high school, are in the middle of your university studies, or if you are working fulltime and need to take a sabbatical.

Our working farms in Chile are spread across the country, but mainly are located in the central region, the southern region, and Patagonia. A Farm Stay in Chile gives you the unique opportunity to explore Chile and to work hand-one with local people, to experience their culture while strengthening your Spanish and intercultural skills. The farm will provide you with free accommodation and food in exchange for your work.

During your Farm Stay abroad, you will live the Chilean rural life while learning to take care of animals, cultivating and processing agricultural products, and carrying out other daily tasks on a farm or ranch.

You can decide how long you want to escape the busy life and live on a farm based on your own schedule. A minimum duration of 4 weeks is requested when living on a working farm so that you have time to adjust to the farm life, work schedule and to get a truly enriching experience.

Farm Stay programs primarily take place on horse farms, farms with other animals (goats, sheep, cows, etc.), touristic farms, agricultural plantations, etc. The working farms are usually located in beautiful natural settings, allowing the participants to explore the amazing landscapes of Chile. Some of the farms are dedicated to agritourism and offer horseback rides lasting from a few hours to several days. Touristic farms also offer accommodations that allow the guests to stay in locally inspired guest houses, farmhouse guest rooms or cozy cottages.

There are three different kinds of farm stay programs that you can choose from:



Farm Stay on a Touristic Farm


Farmstay Chile


Farm Stay in Agriculture and Livestock


Farm Stay Pferde


Farm Stay with Horses*



*Farm Stays with horses are among our most demanded programs. Please understand that these farms usually prefer participants who have previous experience working with horses and participants who are good riders. Although we will try our best, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to place participants without previous horse experience on farms that involve working with horses.

Accommodation is provided by the farm. We have no influence on whether the participant sleeps in a single room or shared room. Usually, participants live with the farmer's family, in a staff house, or a guest room. Typically, participants can integrate themselves into life of the farmers or farm workers and their families. You can immerse into the authentic Chilean country life and improve both your linguistic and cultural knowledge. Please note that we cannot guarantee nor influence whether the participant will be directly incorporated into a family’s life while staying on a farm.

Accommodation on a working farm includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The payment of the program fee is due when booking the program. It is a one-time fee, not a montly payment (!), and includes the accommodation and full-board for the duration of your stay (e.g. 3 months Farm Stay cost 555 USD).

The placement fee includes:
  Professional consultation prior to your arrival in Chile
  English-speaking local support
  Translation of your application documents and preparation of your profile
  Farm Stay Placement
  Elaboration of the program description of your working farm
  Documents for visa application (if required)
  Country handbook Chile
  Santiago City Map (copyright by Chile Inside)
  Santiago City Guide (130 pages, copyright by Chile Inside)
  Informative welcome meeting with the staff in our office
  Accommodations (single or shared room)
  Full-board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  Certificate of participation from Chile Inside
  24/7 emergency number


Program / duration  up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
530 USD 555 USD 580 USD 605 USD 630 USD

Application fee of 120 USD to be added.

Buy your travel insurance online with us:

Join in the daily animal breeding, and experience what it means to be a farmer!

Please follow these stepts to submit your application:

  1. Download our registration form and complete it accurately. Follow the instructions on the first page of the form.
  2. Send the registration form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to your personal contact at Chile Inside. Please also send your resume and a picture of yourself so that we can process your application.
  3. Pay the registration fee of 120 USD. The payment of the registration fee guarantees that we will place your according to your application.
  4. When we have received the registration fee, we will create your internal application profile, adapt it to Chilean standards, and begin the organization of your working farm stay.
  5. As soon as a host farm has accepted your profile, we will send you your program description. To arrange a suitable placement, we require between 4 and 12 weeks.
  6. To book your Farmstay program in Chile we will send you the program agreement and the payment of the program fee will become due.

What exactly is a Farm Stay?
When we talk about "Farm Stays or Farmstay", we refer to our exchange programs in Chile that involve a stay on a working farm. There, participants typically work on small or large farms, ranches, horse breeding farms, horse stables, or in equestrian centers. A Farmstay can be best described as a stay where participants carry out farm work while being immersed in a rual lifestyle. Participant work in exchange for accommodation and food. It’s not a vacation, but rather about working and spending time on a farm.

Where do the placements take place?
It is possible to take part in a Farmstay program anywhere in the country. Geographically speaking, the assignments typically take place in the central region of Chile as well as in the regions south of Santiago, from the lake district all the way down to Patagonia. These parts of the country are characterized by lush nature and agriculture. Positions are available close to big cities as well as in (very) remote areas (for example Patagonia).

Where will I sleep?
Accommodation is provided directly by the farm’s hosts. Therefore, a general answer to this question cannot be given. In most cases, the accommodation is located directly on the site of the farm in the house of the farmers, staff house, or in guest houses. Normally, the accommodation will allow you to fully integrate into the Chilean culture.

How far in advance should I sign up?
The organization of a Farm Stay program in Chile takes around 4-12 weeks. The application processing time depends on our current workload, the desired area of work, and the availability of positions. In some cases, Farm Stays may be organized in a shorter time-span, while in others, it may take longer. Please send us your application at least three to eight months prior to your desired start date so that we have enough time to plan your stay carefully and according to your personal preferences.

What happens after I send in the application?
After the receipt of your completed application and registration fee, we will create an internal profile for you in Spanish, which will be used to introduce you to suitable farms. The placement process takes between 4-12 weeks, depending on program preferences, previous knowledge, duration of stay, etc. During this time, we will be in constant contact with you. Once your Farmstay has been confirmed, we prepare you the placement offer and send your way. If you decide to accept it, we will start the booking process and send you the program agreement.

When do I have to pay the program fee?
The program fee is due after you accept the placement offer and decide to book your working stay abroad.

Is there a required minimum stay?
Due to the fact that it takes time to become accustomed to the new work schedule, culture, lifestyle, and climate, you should consider staying for at least six weeks. Through our years of experience, we have found that the ideal duration of a Farm Stay in Chile is between two and four months.

Do I need to have relevant experience in order to participate?
No specific experience is required to participate in one of our Farm Stay programs in Chile. Anyone who would like to spend some time abroad, who loves nature, and who is willing to leave his personal comfort zone can participate.

Do I really need horseback riding skills or experience working with horses to work on a farm?
We work with a wide range of farms. However, many of the Farm Stay programs take place in horse stables, equestrian centers, horse-riding centers, horse breeding farms, or similar facilities. Riding skills, or experience working with horses, is often a requirement on these farms. Participants that don’t have this experience are not turned away, but the placement process could take a bit longer. In addition, we also offer other interesting placements on farms that don’t focus on horses but other animals like sheep and cows, traditional agriculture, fruit production, and more.

Is there an age limit for participation in a Farm Stay program in Chile?
The minimum age requirement is 18 years old. We do not have a maximum age limit, but participants need to have good overall health to be able to work on a farm. The majority of our participants is 18-38 years old.

What level of Spanish is required?
In order to participate in a Farm Stay program in Chile, an intermediate level of Spanish is required. It is important that you can fully integrate into everyday (work) life on the farm and effectively communicate with others. If you don’t speak Spanish, it does not mean that you can’t participate. Our Spanish courses in Chile prepare you for our programs and allow you to meet the language requirements.

Can I participate together with a friend?
Of course! We also organize Farmstays for friends and couples who travel together. However, please be aware that most placements only have accommodation and work for one participant. We will try our best to find you a placement in the same location, however, we cannot guarantee that this will be possible. What we can ensure is that your work places will be in the same region, so that you are at least close to each other. Two separate placements are beneficial because you’ll have many things to talk about when you meetup and you can exchange your own experiences.

What are the work hours like?
The work hours vary according to each different placement. Furthermore, they depend on seasonal factors. On (animal breeding) farms, people generally work 7 days per week, as crops need to be brought in and animals fed on weekends, too. The same applies for touristy places (horseback excursions, farm holiday facilities, etc.) since weekends are the busiest times. Thus, you may be required to work on weekends and take your days off during the week instead. Your weekly work hours will not exceed 45 hours, this is the legal limit in Chile. Participants are usually given one or two days off.

What kind of insurance do I need for my stay abroad?
In order to go on a Farmstay in Chile, you are required to have at least travel health insurance. This is important, as it will cover you in the case of illness or accident. For this purpose, we cooperate with Caremed and can offer special rates to our participants. For more information read here.

Will I be picked up at the airport?
We will be happy to organize an airport pick-up in Santiago for you. This way, you don’t have to worry about looking for transportation at the airport and negotiating the fare price with taxi drivers in Spanish, nor do you need to explain to the driver where to go. If you have booked a Spanish course before your Farm Stay begins, you will be taken directly to your accommodation in Santiago after arrival. In the event that you want to continue your trip directly to your farm, you will be taken from the airport to the bus terminal. At your destination’s bus stop (depending on your farm), you will be picked up by one of the farm’s employees.

What should I do if I have a problem?
In the unlikely event that you experience problems during your stay in Chile, we are available to provide assistance. No matter if you encounter these problems on your farm or whether they are of a different nature, we are always here to help. You will find our 24-hour emergency number on your reservation confirmation. It ensures that we are always reachable even outside of office hours.

Will I have an English-speaking contact person in Chile?
Our office staff in Santiago is friendly and multilingual. Almost all of us speak at least three languages, including English, and are available to answer any questions you may have or give you further information in your native language.

Do I have an obligation towards my Farm Stay host?
We organize all Farm Stays in Chile thoroughly and diligently. Likewise, the farms invest time and effort to welcome their foreign workers and provide them with a work introduction. Often, our participants are worked into the farm’s staff planning. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of your responsibilities and duties because the farm is relying on you. Work hours, and regulations need to be respected, and work tasks are to be completed diligently. In addition, your original requested time of stay should be completed to avoid complications with farm staffing.

Do I need a visa for my Farm Stay in Chile?
Since a Farm Stay in Chile is an unpaid work experience abroad, you don’t need a visa, unless it is required by the host farm. With the so-called tourist visa (tarjeta de turismo) that you receive upon your arrival to Chile, you are legally allowed to carry out unpaid activities and can stay for up to 90 days. Further information concerning visa requirements or stays that extend the 90 days can be obtained directly from us.

How safe is it to travel in Chile?
Chile is considered the safest country in Latin America and is deemed safe for travelers, even for women who want to travel alone. Violent attacks on tourists are very rare. However, like anywhere else in the world, you have to pay close attention to your valuables as pickpockets can occur. You can protect yourself from these kinds of incidents by being careful and cautious, such as not walking around on your phone that someone could grab, or keeping your money in your front pockets / hidden fanny packs. Just like in every other big city in the world, it is recommend not to walk alone at night and to avoid dark areas and parks. Taxis are widely used in Chile and offer a safe way to get home.

Do I need to get vaccines before my trip to Chile?
No vaccines are required for Chile. Tropical illnesses such as malaria, yellow fever or dengue fever, etc. do not exist in Chile. To get personal medical advice, we recommend getting in touch with your family doctor, as he knows your state of health.

Will I get a certificate of participation for my stay abroad?
Yes, we will give you a certificate upon request. Likewise, all our host companies are willing to issue a work reference, which provides more details about your tasks, responsibilities, and performance.

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