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Even though the objective of your stay in Chile is professional and educational enrichment, we still believe your time in Chile should not only consist of work and study. In addition to perfecting your skills, we want you to explore the country, get to know other people, make new friends and enjoy every minute of your stay in the southern hemisphere. Also, there is no better way to improve your Spanish skills than putting them to the test! 

In order to offer our clients a wide range of services, Chile Inside cooperates with the largest community of foreign students and travelers in Chile. Our alliance with Santiago Exchange aims to give you access to interesting activities at a reduced price. They regularly organize day excursions, multiday trips and parties that you should not miss out on! All of the activities are carried out amongst groups of young people from around the world that participate in exchange programs in Chile. We want you to get to know these people, making friends and, ultimately, making your stay in Chile completely unforgettable.

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Don't forget! To sign up for Santiago Exchange’s activities, please register at All you need to do is fill out a registration form at Santiago Exchange's homepage and choose your favorite activities so that the information comes directly to you!



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