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Internship in Chile

Industry Sectors

Any industry sector

Business Area

Any business area

Work Hours

Between 35-45 hours per week, dependent on internship company (the maximum legal working hours in Chile are 45 hours per week)


Unpaid. Some internship companies pay allowances for transportation, food, and/or accommodation.


Santiago de Chile or other main cities


Anytime during the year

Internship Duration

Between 4 weeks and 6 months




Spanish skills required (book your Spanish course with us!)


Single room (if VIP-Package booked)


By the Chile Inside office in Santiago de Chile (English, German, and Spanish speaking)

24/7 Emergency Number

Yes! A Chile Inside representative will always be available in the case of an emergency.


Detailed CV, photo, completed registration form

Special Details

Please indicate if you have prior knowledge or experience that could be relevant for this program

Application Time

No deadlines. We recommend sending the application as early as possible, at least 8 weeks before the program start date. Short-notice registration is possible upon special request.

Health Insurance

Participant must show proof of health insurance coverage for Chile

Internship in Chile - Gain hands-on international work experience!
In recent years, carrying out an internship abroad has become increasingly important for students and professionals that are in search of an international career. With an internship in Chile as a special addition to your resume, you will stand out from the crowd when applying for a job.

For many years, Chile has managed stable economic growth despite the current global economic crises around the world. This attribute, along with the political and social stability of the country, makes Chile an especially attractive destination for an internship abroad. Over the last fifteen years, the country’s capital, Santiago, has transformed into a modern metropolis that has millions of inhabitants and a booming economy, which features a wide range of industry sectors. It is within these diversified sectors where we are able to place our international interns.

Acquiring valuable communication skills while strengthening your existing knowledge of Spanish are two of the key advantages attained while interning in Chile. In addition to English, Spanish is an important language in the business world because of the rapid economic growth in Latin America.

Carrying out an internship in Chile displays your flexibility, self-confidence, adaptability, and tolerance towards foreign cultures. These are key characteristics that will be noticed on your resume, and your intercultural understanding will give you a significant competitive advantage over other applicants in the increasingly competitive job market. An internship in Chile can assure you a great start in the international realm of business.

Please keep in mind that the majority of the internships in Chile are unpaid work experiences abroad. However, in the long run, this opportunity proves to be more valuable than a salary! Some form of compensation is sometimes given to interns, but this is at the full discretion of the host company and is dependent on its economic and social circumstances. Outstanding work may be rewarded by other means, such as lunch vouchers, public transportation fares, etc.

Chile Inside is the partner you need to organize your internship in Chile. With over 14 years of on-the-ground experience in Santiago, we have a proven track record of successfully placing interns in companies in distinct fields throughout Chile. We would be more than happy to assist you with the organization of your very own internship in Chile!

With over 15 years of experience in Santiago, we have developed a vast network of contacts within the diverse Chilean business world. Our professional partners that regularly receive our foreign interns are from diverse industries and vary greatly in size and scope.

Internship placements with the following partners can be made in:

  International and domestic companies
  Small and medium sized firms
  Private and public institutions
  Non-profit oranizations
  Government offices

Our personalized approach, professionalism, and years of experience allow us to place our candidates in the perfect internship that meets their needs and expectations.

In the following you will find a list of all the popular working industries for an internship in Chile. Your preferred sector is not listed? No problem, we will still find a suitable internship placement for you. Just contact us and tell us your preference!

  Art and Design







  Land- und Agriculture



  Import/ Export

  Project Management

  Journalism and Media


  Medicine and Health

  Mining Industry


  Fishing Industry


  Human Rights


  Human Resources

  Construction Engineering


  Chemistry/ Biology

  Hotel Industry

  Banking and Finance


  Sports and Leisure




  Energy Sector

  Real Estate

  Public Administration 

  Marketing and Advertisement 


For more information about our programs that include free meals and lodging, check out our Working Holiday in Chile!

During your internship in Chile, we offer you the option of accommodation in single rooms with local host families or in shared apartments. Board (food) is not usually provided. Upon request, however, it is also possible to arrange housing with full or half-board when living with a host family. We carefully select the accommodations and make sure that they are located in nice and safe neighborhoods with good infrastructure and public means of transportation. Typically, you can also find supermarkets, restaurants, bars, and cyber cafés nearby. Furnished apartments in Chile are available upon request as well!

The prices are divided into two categories and distinguished by the services included. The basic option is the Standard Package, and the more complete option is the VIP Package. The prices are related to the duration of the program. The payment is due when booking the internship placement (for example: placement fee 2 months VIP package, payment of 560 USD). 

Our Standard-Package includes:
  Personal and professional consultations regarding your program
  Guidance during the application process
  Translation of your documents and elaboration of your application profile
  Customized internship placement in Chile
  Preparation of your internship offer
  Help with necessary documents for visa application (if required)
  Contact person in Chile
  Useful information about Chile
  Informative manual about your stay in Chile
  City Map of Santiago (copyright by Chile Inside)
  Santiago City Guide (130 pages, copyright by Chile Inside)
  Informative welcome talk with the staff in our office
  Escort by a Chile Inside staff member to your internship on your first day (ONLY in Santiago)
  Certificate of participation from Chile Inside
  Certificate of participation from the internship company
  24-hour emergency contact telephone number

The VIP-Package includes all services mentioned above and additionally:
  Organization of your accommodation (single room) in Chile
   [The rent for the accommodation is not included and has to be paid on monthly basis directly to the
   landlord in Chile. Monthly rental prices range from 340 to 400 USD.]
  Airport pick-up and transfer to your accommodation in Santiago

Our Prices:

Program / Duration  up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
Standard-Package 440 USD 470 USD 500 USD 530 USD 560 USD
560 USD 605 USD 650 USD 695 USD 740 USD

Application fee of 100 USD to be added.

Have we convinced you to pursue an internship in Chile? If so, please read the following information to learn how to submit your application.

  Please download our registration form and complete it accurately, following the instructions on the first page of the form.

  Send the registration form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to your personal contact at Chile Inside. Please don’t forget to include your resume / CV and a picture of yourself so that we can process your application.

  Along with these documents, a registration fee of 100 USD is due. We will then be able to create your professional profile, adapt it to Chilean standards, and begin the organization of your internship! The payment of the registration fee guarantees that we will find you an internship placement according to your application.

To arrange a suitable internship, we require between 4 and 12 weeks. During this period, we will keep you informed with regular updates about the progress of the organization and answer any questions that you may have.

How far in advance should I sign up?
Generally, the organization of an internship in Chile takes around 4-12 weeks. The application processing time depends on workload, desired area of work, and the availability of positions. In some cases, internships may be organized in a shorter time-span while in others, it may take longer. Please send us your application at least three to eight months before the desired start date. This way, there is enough time to plan your stay carefully and according to your preferences.

What happens after I send in the application?
After receipt of your complete application and registration fee, we create an internal profile in Spanish, which we use to match you for suitable positions. The placement process takes between 4-12 weeks, depending on program preferences, previous knowledge, duration of stay, etc. During this time, we will of course be in constant contact with you to keep you updated on the process. Once an internship has been confirmed, we will prepare and send you the offer. If you decide to accept it, we will start the booking process and send you the program agreement by mail.

When do I have to pay the program fee?
The program fee is due after you bindingly accept the offer and decide to book your stay abroad.

What level of Spanish is required?
Your Spanish skills should be at least intermediary to ensure that both you and the company benefit from your stay. If you feel you need to improve your conversation skills, we advise you to take a Spanish course in Chile, which can also be booked through us.

Is there a required minimum stay?
Given the time that it takes to become accustomed to the new work environment and tasks, you should consider staying for at least six weeks. Through our years of experience, we have found that the ideal duration of an internship is between three and six months.

Who can apply? Is previous experience required?
Anyone between the ages of 18 and 40 who would like to add international work experience to their CV can take part in our programs. We organize internships for people from all around the world, and don’t have any nationality restrictions. Previous experience is not required. We place participants that have only just finished high school, students from all fields of study, and professionals who wish to get to know a certain industry or to gain work experience in Chile.

Will I get a reference from my internship?
Yes, the host company will give you a reference upon request. Furthermore, you will receive a certificate of participation from Chile Inside. Please ask your supervisor for a reference towards the end of the internship, and also contact us in advance concerning the certificate.

Are internships in Chile paid?
You should assume that internships in Chile are not paid. However, they offer you the possibility to gain work experience in a Spanish speaking country, a direct investment into your professional future that will pay off in the long term. Some host companies pay a small salary. Nevertheless, this is not guaranteed, and it should not be part of your criteria when you apply for an internship in Chile.

In which companies and work areas can I do an internship in Chile?
At Chile Inside, we do not offer “off-the-rack”, generic internships. Every internship is organized individually and based on your application and personal preferences. This means that you should specify your preferences as much as possible in your application so that we can take them into account. If your internship needs to fulfil certain requirements in order to be accepted by your university or employer, please inform us when submitting the application.

We offer an endless amount of possible internship placements and will knock on every company’s door in Chile to find the perfect internship for you. We have over 14 years of experience and a success rate of 99% when it comes to finding successful internship placements for our participants. A selection of the most popular work areas can be found at Internships in Chile.

What are the work hours like for interns in Chile?
Work hours are established by individual host companies. In general, 45 hours of work is what usually makes up a typical workweek in Chile. However, there are companies that have shorter work hours.

Will child benefit (in Germany) continue to be paid during my stay abroad?
The decision of whether or not the child benefit will continue to be paid is made by the family allowances fund (Kindergeldkasse). Unfortunately, we cannot influence this decision. However, we will gladly help you and your parents submit your application for continued payment and will issue the required program confirmation at no additional cost to you.

What kind of insurance do I need for my stay abroad?
In order to do an internship in Chile, you are required to have at least travel health insurance. This is important as it will cover you against every possible case of illness or accident. For this purpose, we partner with STA Travel, with whom we have negotiated special rates. Chile Inside and STA Travel offer various advantages, the biggest of which is overall insurance coverage (illness, accident, third party liability, and baggage) for a reduced monthly fee. For more information, read here.

Will I be picked up at the airport?
If you book the “VIP-Package”, we automatically organize your pick-up at the airport and cover the costs. We inform the pick-up service of where you’re staying in Santiago and make sure it takes you there directly after arrival. This way, you don’t need to worry about looking for transportation at the airport and negotiating the fare price with taxi drivers in Spanish or explain to him where to go.

What should I do if I have a problem?
In the unlikely event that you experience problems during your stay in Chile, we are available to provide assistance. No matter if you encounter these problems in your internship or whether they are of a different nature, we are always happy to help. You will find our 24-hour emergency number on your reservation confirmation. It ensures that you can reach us outside of our office hours too.

Will there be an English-speaking contact person in Chile?
Our office staff in Santiago is friendly and multilingual. Almost all of us speak at least three languages, including English, and we are available to answer any questions you may have or give you further information in your native language.

Do I have an obligation towards my host company?
We organize all internships thoroughly and diligently. Likewise, the host companies invest time and effort when welcoming their foreign interns and providing them with a work introduction. Often, our interns are part of the company’s staff planning. Therefore, it is important that you know and carry out your responsibilities as an intern. Work hours, as well as company rules and regulations, need to be respected, and work tasks are to be completed properly. In addition, the requested time of stay should be completed to avoid possible complications in the company’s personnel planning.

Do I need a special visa for my internship in Chile?
As long as the internship in Chile is unpaid, you don’t need a special visa, unless it is required by the host company. With the so-called tourist visa (tarjeta de turismo), which you receive upon entering Chile, you are allowed to carry out unpaid activities and can stay up to 90 days. Further information concerning visa requirements or longer stays can be obtained directly from us.

Where will I be staying?
Participants in our internship program in Chile either stay with a Chilean host family or in a shared apartment. Unless requested otherwise, you will be allocated a single room (double rooms are available upon special request). Accommodation generally does not include board, as experience has shown that most participants like to be flexible when it comes to eating times. Of course, all participants have access to a kitchen where they can store and prepare food. When staying with a host family, it is possible to book half-board.

Will I have access to internet where I’m staying?
Chile, and in particular its capital Santiago, is modern and has a good infrastructure. Internet access (in most cases WIFI) is part of the standard equipment of 95% of the accommodations we offer. In the event that you unexpectedly don’t have access to the internet, there are various internet cafes in Santiago (and other cities).

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