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Our press area is aimed at our clients as well as editors, journalists, bloggers and all those looking for information about stays in Chile. We would like to simplify this search as much as possible, give you inspiration and make it easy to contact us. In addition, our press review gives you an overview of what has been published about Chile Inside in the national and international media.

Press Releases:
  2018, January - Press Release announcing the admission of Chile Inside to the International Au Pair Association
  2015, June - Article about Chile Inside's first intercultural Workshop, CÓNDOR - German-Chilean Newspaper
  2013, August - Anouncement membership WYSE, several type of medias
  2012, September - Voluntariado Corporativo, El Mercurio Chile
  2011, April - Article about the City Guide Santiago Inside,
  2011, January - Santiago in the eyes of the foreigners living in Chile,
  2010, December - Article about Chile Inside, The Santiago Times
  2010, December - Article about Chile Inside, La Tercera Chile
  2010, March - Article about Marion Ruhland, The German Link
  2008, January - Press Release Chile Inside on OpenPR
  2007, November - Interview with Ulrike Dabsch, FH Vienna
  2006, May - Article about Chile Inside, Las Últimas Noticias Chile
  2006, March - Article about stays abroad with Chile Inside, La Tercera

Testimonials from our clients in the press:
  2012, September - Testimonial Elena Slotosch on Andes Beat

TV & Radio:
  2010, December - Interview on Radio ADN with Marion Ruhland and Mimi Kotter
  2008, January - Report in the German Television "Live your dream"

Message for our returnees:
If you are interested in giving an account of your stay abroad with Chile Inside in your home country or would like to publish a written report about your participation in one of our programs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Message to editors, journalists and bloggers:
Should you be interested in writing about Chile Inside, our services or programs, please contact our PR persons. We look forward to working with you.

Our PR contact for you:
Marion Ruhland
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