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Spanish Course in Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar is located to the northwest of Santiago (1.5 hours by car) and has about 300,000 inhabitants, making it the fourth largest city in Chile. The city is famous for its palm-lined, picturesque bays and sandy beaches. Thousands of national and international tourists are attracted to Viña all year round because of its glamorous beach flair.

While in Viña, you can try your luck at the famous casino where you might have the chance to increase your traveling budget in one of the oldest gambling establishments in South America. Viña del Mar also hosts the “Festival de Viña”, one of the most famous music festivals on the South American continent. The city also hosts the annual national film festival.

When you are in Viña, you will be welcomed by the famous flower clock at the entrance of the city. In your free time, you should make a trip to the neighboring city of Valparaíso. It is the complete opposite of the chic Viña del Mar, but the UNESCO recognized city is definitely worth exploring.

The combination of city, beach, and countryside gives Viña del Mar a very unique character. You can lie out and relax, go for a swim at the sunny beaches of the Pacific coast, or participate in outdoor activities, such as water-skiing, horseback riding, and trekking through one of the nearby national parks. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and a large shopping mall as well. If you love entertaining nightlife, then Viña del Mar is your place. There is a little bit of everything, including cabarets, pubs, piano bars, clubs, and more.

Our Spanish school in Viña del Mar is located in the center of the city just a few blocks from the beach and the famous Quinta Vergara Park that is home to the Palacio Vergara (now the Museo de Bellas Artes) and the open-air amphitheater where the annual International Music Festival of Viña takes place.

The city offers many activities during the day as well as at night. There are many restaurants, cafes, bars and shopping malls to spend time in. You will also find a huge variety of outdoor activities such as water sports, horseback riding and excursions to nearby national parks. At night, you can go out to explore the exciting pubs and clubs that are full of students from the large concentration of university campuses in Viña del Mar and neighboring Valparaíso. During the summer months between November and March, Viña del Mar is bustling with many Chilean and international tourists enjoying the beautiful coast.

The language school in Viña del Mar offers many extracurricular activities allowing you to interact and get to know other students, experience new adventures and dive into Chilean culture. Some of the activities include city tours, cooking classes, visits to vineyards and museums, conversation classes, Salsa dancing classes, picnics at the beach, surf classes and parties. Other popular activities include excursions to Isla Negra, La Serena, Santiago, La Ligua and Mendoza or to the surrounding areas of the city for fishing, hiking or kayaking. (A minimum amount of people must sign up for an activity in order for it to occur.)

The Spanish school in Viña del Mar belongs to a network of Spanish schools found in many countries in South America. The courses are top-quality and correspond to international standards of teaching. The classes focus on grammar as well as listening and oral comprehension. The teaching techniques were created by the Spanish school and reflect the many years of experience of each individual teacher.

The Spanish classes are taught year-round and new students begin on Monday. There is the option to choose between three different courses that are divided into 12 different levels of difficulty. There are four subdivisions in each level of beginner, intermediate and advanced to ensure fast learning for all students. To make sure your knowledge meets the corresponding class level and to determine your current language skills, you will take a brief placement test before starting the lessons on your first day.

Each Spanish lesson lasts 50 minutes. At the end of your Spanish course, the school provides you with a certificate of completion. Students choose from the following three course options:

  Group Course:
If you want to be in contact with other international students and share your language studies with them, then you would enjoy the Group Course. It consists of 4 Spanish lessons each day, 20 lessons per week. Each group has a maximum 7 students (the average is 4 students) to ensure an effective learning approach. The course takes place in the mornings from 9:00 to 13:30. In exceptional cases, the course may take place in the afternoon.

  Intensive Course:
The Intensive Course is perfect for students who want to learn Spanish faster. The course is a combination of the Group Course and 10 additional private lessons per week. This schedule allows students to repeat certain topics and eliminate personal weaknesses. The private lessons take place in the afternoons.

  Private Course:
For personalized attention, private lessons should be your choice. The classes are adapted to the needs and priorities of each student. Private lessons are excellent for professionals or students who want to learn fast or focus on specific vocabulary. The course consists of 10 lessons per week, arranged according to your schedule.

  Spanish Course & Volunteer Work (part-time):
There is no better way than “learning by doing”. Especially for our students, we have created a new program that allows students to apply their recently learned Spanish skills in a volunteer position. In the morning language course students learn the theoretical base of Spanish, while in the afternoons they are able to practice their listening and speaking abilities in real life situations. The combination program consists of a Spanish course (group course or private course) in the mornings and voluntary work in the afternoons. The volunteer work takes place 2 to 4 afternoons per week, leaving enough time for your homework and other activities. Students combine the theory with the practical application of Spanish while lending a hand to a social cause. The volunteer work usually takes place in children's homes, day care centers, elderly care homes, homeless shelters or similar social institutions.

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible while you are staying in Viña del Mar. Living with one of our carefully chosen host families gives you the opportunity to practice your Spanish, explore the local culture and get to know the Chilean way of life. The family provides you with a private room, bathrooms are mostly shared. You will also have access to the kitchen and common rooms. Upon request, you can book you room including half board (breakfast and dinner). Keep in mind that you are never too old for a home stay as many students are older than their host “parents”.

If you want to stay with other international students in a student residence or in a shared apartment instead with a host family, we can arrange this for you as well. You will have your own room, sharing the kitchen and bathroom with the other residents. There are no meals provided.

The Spanish courses in Viña del Mar include:
  Personal and professional consultations regarding your program
  English-speaking contact person in Chile
  Useful information about your stay in Chile
  Country Handbook Chile
  Free internet access in the school
  Class material
  Language evaluation test
  Refreshments and light snacks during the breaks
  Single room in Homestay (2 meals/day) (if booked)
  Single room in shared apartment (no meals) (if booked)
  Surf ccourse 2 lessons/week, 2 hours each. Transport and equipment included (if booked)
  Cultural activities calendar (depending on season)
  Accommodation (if booked)
  Airport pick-up (if booked)
  Language course completion certificate
  24/7 emergency number


Program / duration 2
Group Course
(20 hrs / week)
480 USD 685 USD 915 USD 215 USD
Intensive Course
(20+10 hrs / week)
1,140 USD 1,625 USD 2,165 USD 515 USD
Private Course
(10 hrs / week)
660 USD 940 USD 1,255 USD 300 USD
Surf Course*
(4 hrs / week)
200 USD -- -- --
(no meals)
308 USD 462 USD 616 USD 154 USD
476 USD 714 USD 952 USD 238 USD

Enrollment fee 100 USD. High season surcharge for accommodation 5 USD/day between December 1 and February 28.

*only in combination with a language course

Extra Services:

Volunteer Placement
110 USD
Airport Pickup**
(Airport - Bus terminal)
35 USD
(one way)

For the organization of volunteer work an application fee of 100 USD is required.

  One week Spanish course lasts from Monday to Friday
  New courses always start on Mondays (all levels)
  Each lesson has 50 minutes
  The Group Course includes 20 lessons per week
  All Group Courses are expected to have a minimum of 3 students per class. In case there are just 1 or 2
   students, class hours will be reduced by 50%.
  The Intensive Course consists of the Group course and 10 private lessons per week
  The Private Course includes 10 individual lessons per week
  Accommodations are arranged in single rooms with a host family or in a shared apartment. Half board is
   only available with host families.
  Accommodation prices consider check-in Sunday before the course starts, check-out Saturday after the
   course has ended (extra days can be booked).
  The volunteer work is carried out part time, 2 to 4 afternoons per week (if booked)
  The half-day volunteer work takes place on 2 to 4 afternoons per week. It can only be booked together
   with a Spanish course during the same period of time.

** The airport pick-up (if booked) will take the student from the airport in Santiago de Chile to the bus terminal in Santiago. From there, buses to Viña del Mar leave every 30 minutes.

Public Holidays 2018:
Jan 01, Mar 30, May 01, Sept 18, Dec 25. Classes will not be rescheduled.
May 21, Juj 02, Jul 16, Aug 15, Sept 19, Oct 15, Nov 01 + 02, Dec 08. A conversation club will be organized instead.

How to enroll?
To enroll for the Spanish course in Viña del Mar, please download the registration form and complete it accurately following the instructions on the first page. Send it then to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your contact person at the office of Chile Inside.

How are students assigned to the right language course?
Before starting a language course in Viña del Mar, each new language student takes a placement test. This test must be taken on the first day of school before the course starts. Based on this test, students are evaluated regarding their language skills and are assigned to the right group. In case a student wishes to take private lessons, the test helps the Spanish school determine the right course material.

Where are the other language students from?
The language students represent a diverse range of nationalities, typically originating from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the USA, Canada and Brazil.

Can I do the DELE test in Chile?
We only offer DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) preparation courses in Viña del Mar. The DELE test itself will has to be taken in Santiago de Chile.

Does the language school also offer leisure activities?
To make sure you also spend enjoyable time outside the classroom, the language school offers leisure activities. In the afternoons there will be cultural activities (cooking classes, dance lessons, etc.) and Viña, with its great long, sandy beach, is in itself a nice alternative to every day school life. The weekend activities are generally day trips to Viña del Mar’s close surroundings and include visits to places such as vineyards, coastal towns, national parks, museums, etc. In addition, the schools offer outdoor sports activities (rafting, hiking, skiing etc.), depending on the season.

Will I be picked up at the airport?
We are happy to organize pick-up at the airport. This way you won’t have to go through the hassle of looking for a trustworthy taxi driver and won’t need to explain where exactly you’re staying. We pick you up at the airport in Santiago and bring you directly to the bus terminal, where you can board a bus to Viña del Mar (approx. 2 hour drive). If you prefer to stay in Santiago for a night or more, we will take you to your accommodation in Santiago.

Will I receive a certificate from the school upon completion of the course?
Yes, upon completion of the Spanish course in Viña del Mar, the language school will issue a certificate stating the level achieved.

What kind of insurance do I need for my stay abroad?
In order to participate in our exchange programs, you need to at least take out travel health insurance. This is important as it will cover you against every possible case of illness or accident. For this purpose, we cooperate with STA Travel, with whom we have negotiated special rates. Chile Inside and STA Travel offer various advantages, the biggest of which is overall insurance coverage (illness, accident, third party liability, and baggage) for a reduced monthly fee. For more information read here.

What should I do if I have a problem?
In the unlikely event that you experience problems during your stay in Chile, we are available to provide assistance. No matter whether you encounter these problems in your language course or whether they are of a different nature, we are always happy to help. You will find our 24-hour emergency number on your reservation confirmation. It ensures that we are reachable also outside office hours.

Where will I be staying?
Our language students in Viña del Mar either stay with a Chilean host family or in shared accommodation. Unless requested otherwise, you will be allocated a single room (instead of a double room or dormitory style rooms). If staying with a host family, you can request half-board. In shared accommodation everyone is responsible for their own meals. All participants have access to a fully equipped kitchen where they can store and prepare food. Double rooms are available upon special request for friend or couples traveling together.

Will I have access to internet where I’m staying?
In particular Chile’s bigger cities have a good infrastructure. Internet access (WIFI) is part of the standard equipment of 95% of the accommodation we offer. In case you unexpectedly don’t have access to the internet, there are various internet cafes in Viña del Mar.

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