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Chile Inside Restaurant Job 4

Restaurant Job in Chile

Program Places

Restaurants in Santiago


Wide scope from bars and cafes to star-rated restaurants

Work Area

Service, waiter/waitress, bar keeper

Working Hours

Between 40 and 45 hours per week, shift work possible


About 360 USD/month + tips


All over Santiago, particularly in districts like Las Condes, Providencia, Santiago Centro, Vitacura

Start Date

Throughout the year


Minimum 3 months, max. 6 months

Minimum Age

18 years

Previous Experience

No particular previous experience necessary. It’s essential that you are open and a good communicator, helpful, responsible and friendly as well as keen to meet new people.


Minimum Spanish Level B1. Book your Spanish classes in Chile with us.


Single room in local homestay (monthly rent is not included)


During your working shifts you will have the possibility to have your meals in the restaurant. This can be breakfast and/or lunch and/or dinner, depending on the shift.


Wi-Fi internet at accommodation

Local Support

The Chile Inside office in Santiago (languages spoken: English, German, French and Spanish) will give you local support

24/7 Emergency Number

Along with the booking confirmation you receive our 24/7 phone number that you can call at any time if you are experiencing an emergency


Please submit the completed application form, your CV and a current photo

Application Deadlines

No deadlines. We recommend you to send your application as early as possible and at least 12 weeks in advance of your desired start date so that the placement and work visa can be arranged. Short-term applications are only possible after consultation.


You need travel health insurance for Chile


A valid temporary visa (Visa Temporaria) is required. Please consult the Chile Inside staff and/or the Chilean embassy/consulate in your home country.

Ever wanted to work abroad and earn some cash, but never knew how to go about it? Here’s your chance!

Our Restaurant Job program connects you with the culture and working life of Chile while helping you with your travel funds. This opportunity is a great way to broaden your horizon and add life experience to your CV as well as a chance to earn some money while on the road.

You can improve your Spanish skills on the job in one of the many restaurants in Santiago as you’ll be in constant contact with customers and colleagues. 

In the past few years, Santiago de Chile has developed from a relatively unspectacular capital city to a real Latin American hotspot with a population of nearly 7 million. The vast inner-city parks, colonial architecture, numerous museums, award-winning vineyards and buzzing nightlife add to the sheer boundless versatility of this thriving metropolis.

For 15 years, Chile Inside has been successfully organizing work abroad programs. We look forward to helping you find your perfect stay abroad here in Chile.

If you choose to participate in the program "Restaurant Job" with Chile Inside, we will place you in one of the many restaurants in the Chilean capital Santiago de Chile. This could be anything from small bars and cafes in the city center to five-star restaurants in the affluent districts of the city. Through this job you will get a true insight into the working life of Chileans and you can earn some money while you’re at it.

Possible areas include:
  Providing customer service in Spanish and English language
  Supporting the kitchen team
  Working behind the bar

Your monthly fixed income is approximately 250.000 Chilean Pesos. Usually Santiago´s clientele is very generous and a 10% tip can be expected on almost every check. It is up to you though, the better the service, the higher the tip!
Working hours are between 40 and 45 hours per week, shift work is standard practice.

Getting used to a new place and its culture and getting to terms with the day-to-day work at the restaurant takes some time, so the duration of this program is 3 months minimum and 6 months maximum. You can choose the exact duration within these limits. The longer your stay abroad lasts, the more valuable your experience will become, for sure.

Further details on the restaurant that you’ve been assigned to and a description of your tasks will be sent to you once we have placed you and before you firmly book the program.

During your stay in Chile, you will be living in a single room in a local homestay. We help you organize an accommodation, the monthly rent for the room you have to pay by yourself. Normally the rent is around 400 USD/month.

On your working days the restaurant will provide you meals during your shift (breakfast, lunch and/or dinner). On your days off, you must organize your meals by yourself.

All our accommodations have Wifi and very good access to the public transport system.

The following prices are one-off payments that depend on the duration of your stay (e.g. 3 months of program participation USD 595). The program fee needs to be paid after receipt of the program offer in order to secure the booking.

The program cost includes:
  Competent consultation before your trip to Chile
  Translation of your CV application documentation into Spanish
  Placement in a suitable job in a restaurant in Chile
  Working hours: 40-45 hours per week (statutory working hours in Chile)
  Supply of documentation necessary for Chilean visa application
  English-speaking local support
  Welcome pack containing useful info for your stay in Chile
  Country Handbook Chile
  Santiago City Map (copyright by Chile Inside)
  Santiago City Guide (130 pages, copyright by Chile Inside)
  Welcome meeting at our office in Santiago
  We accompany you to your workplace on your first day
  Organization of your accommodation (single room)*
  Board during shifts
  Certificate of participation from Chile Inside
  24/7 emergency number

*The monthly rent for the accommodation is not included and has to be paid on a monthly basis directly to the
  accommodation host in Chile (monthly rental price ranges from 390 to 450 USD)


Program / duration


up to

up to

up to

Restaurant Job

595 USD

635 USD

675 USD

715 USD

Application fee USD 120 to be added.


Extra Service:
For a surcharge of USD 40, we’re happy to provide a transfer from the airport to your accommodation when you arrive in Santiago.

Buy your travel insurance online with us:

Did we whet your appetite for restaurant work in Chile? Then go ahead and apply. You can apply for this program at any time and it’s very simple to do so.

  Just download the application form and fill it in thoroughly.

  Mail the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or directly to your contact at Chile Inside. Don’t forget to attach your CV and a photo of yourself. We need these to create your individual candidate profile which we present to the possible program places.

  Once we receive your application fee of USD 120 (see application form) we start organizing your stay abroad in Chile.

Please note:
Finding a suitable program place for you takes us between 3 and 12 weeks. At this stage, we keep you posted on progress and are at your disposal for any questions you may have. If things are urgent, we can try and speed up the search – please get in touch for further details. If, on the contrary, you still have a long time till the desired start date of your program, please bear with us. Many restaurants in Chile plan their staffing only (up to) one year in advance.

Is there a minimum duration for working in Chile?
The program "Restaurant Work in Chile" is designed for a minimum duration of 3 months. This period allows participants to learn about restaurant work, menus, and business philosophies and makes the involvement attractive for both parties. Shorter durations are therefore not possible. Cancellation or early termination of the program results in the participant no longer being entitled to any components of the program including accommodation and provision of meals. Furthermore, there shall be no reimbursement of fees in this case.

What happens after the application?
Upon receipt of your completed application form and payment of the application fee of USD 120 we create your candidate profile in Spanish. We use this profile to present you to various restaurants. The placement process usually takes between 3 to 12 weeks to complete. During this time, we keep in touch with you, of course. As soon as a placement has been offered, we send you the relevant program info. When you’re happy to accept the placement, we start the booking procedure and send you the program agreement.

When do I pay the agency fee?
You only pay the fee once you want to firmly accept the restaurant job that we found for you.

Can one participant be placed in different restaurants?
While that’s possible, it’s rather unlikely. The aim for you and the restaurant owner is to build a good professional relationship and to integrate you as a valuable member of the team. That includes the sound knowledge of food and drink menus and all work processes of the specific restaurant.

How proficient do I need to be in which languages?
You should have good Spanish and English language skills. Clear communication is particularly important in contact with customers in hospitality settings. After a short learning phase, you should be able to interact confidently with guests and colleagues. Should your language skills not yet extend quite to that point, we’re happy to book a suitable Spanish course in Chile in addition to your program.

How do I prove my language skills? 
The best way to prove your language skills is by certificates from language schools. Should you not have any, we’ll assess your proficiency in a phone interview.

Are there age limits in place for working in Chile?
The minimum age is 18. There is no maximum age. Most participants are between 18 and 40 years old.

Can I take part together with my friend/boyfriend/girlfriend? Are we going to work in the same restaurant? 
Of course you can take part together and you can be living in the same accommodation. We cannot, however, guarantee a placement for both of you at the same restaurant as the allocation is ultimately the decision of the owner of the restaurant.

What’s the difference between the programs "Work & Travel" and "Restaurant Work in Chile"? Why do you earn money working in a restaurant, but not in a hostal? 
The "Work & Travel" program is designed in a way to reward your work with accommodation and meals. The available program places are mostly hostels and hotels where you get to know the day-to-day work. The main benefit here is the experience you get when dealing with guests from all over the world. We try and cater for your preferences when searching for your program place and place you for the time period of your choice in the place of your choice, all over Chile.

The "Restaurant Work in Chile" program essentially focuses on restaurant jobs in Santiago de Chile. Chile Inside effects the placement. Our restaurant jobs give you the chance to gather valuable experience abroad and earn some money while on the road as tipping is common practice in Chilean restaurants. So your earnings aren’t actually a salary, but are made up of the tips that are generated by your service at your designated restaurant. Additionally, the restaraunt will pay you an allowance so that you are able to pay for your accommodation rent.

Does the program fee include the airfare?
The price of the flight is not included in the program cost. We, the agency Chile Inside, places participants on individually tailored stays abroad and cater for the framework, such as language course, accommodation etc. The participants themselves are responsible for organizing their air travel. We wouldn’t want to take this flexibility away from our customers, many of whom build extended trips across South America around the program and value the ability to plan their flights individually. Take advantage of our flight booking service and let us send you competitive fares.

Are you going to pick me up from the airport?
We’re more than happy to arrange a pick-up from the airport for you. This is not included in the program fee, but can be booked additionally at any time.

Why do the restaurant jobs in Chile not fall in the category “Internship in Hospitality”?
The program "Restaurant Job" gives you the chance to gather work experience while earning some money, too. Contrary to a proper work placement it doesn’t offer the educational benefits in professional development of the latter nor the practical consolidation of specialized expertise acquired at university. In exceptional cases, we can try and establish the prerequisites for the restaurant job to be recognized as an official work placement. Get in touch if you want to find out more.

Do I get vacation? How many days off do I get per week?
You have one or two days off per week. It’s not guaranteed, however, that these fall on a weekend. You should expect that, particularly in the hospitality sector, management would place your days off on days of low turnover. The program does not include any vacation allowance.

What are my responsibilities regarding the program place? 
The program places invest a lot of time and effort into assessing the candidates. They prepare themselves for the arrival of the participants and usually schedule work rotas accordingly. They count on you and your work for the scheduled period and integrate you fully into their day-to-day processes. Fulfilling your tasks thoroughly and fully as well as adhering to the code of conduct and the working hours is therefore not only important, but is expected of you by the program places and by Chile Inside, your agency.

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