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International Business, Finance, Business Administration, Healthcare, Human Rights, Political Science, Environmental Science, Language, History, Business Consulting Projects, Specific Industry Programs (energy, mining, fisheries, agriculture and forestry, viniculture, etc.), and many more!
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Presentations, round tables, seminars, guest lectures, Q & A’s, meetings, site visits, tours, job shadowing

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Prominent executives, NGOs, government agencies, Chilean companies/organizations, multinational companies/organizations, international companies/organizations, local universities, leading regional education institutes, local researchers, influential local leaders, essential tourist attractions with historical and cultural significance


Anywhere in Chile! Study trips can be arranged and are available throughout Chile, depending on pre-determined tour objectives and/or academic requirements.


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Availability all year long


No Spanish skills required for a student or faculty-led study trip.
Job shadowing may require additional Spanish knowledge.


We arrange all accommodation depending on the duration of your stay. Options include hotels, hostels, homestays, furnished apartments.


Depending on the requirements of your study group, we can organize group meals or provide suggestions close to your destination.


The Chile Inside office in Santiago de Chile (English, German, and Spanish speaking staff) will offer your group support throughout the planning process, as well as personal attention and guidance while you are in Chile.

24/7 Emergency Number

A Chile Inside representative will always be available in case of an emergency.


Trip Info

Participation in a Study Trip in Chile can be an exciting way to enhance a career path, increase international perspective, practice foreign language skills, and explore the business climate of a foreign nation in our increasingly globalized world. In addition to analyzing the business economic and historical culture, participants will also gain historical knowledge and discover diverse cultures through inspiring art and native dance.

We craft specialized itineraries that enhance professional development and create new learning and networking opportunities. In addition to 1-4 week study trips in Chile, we also offer customized professional internships for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 6 months. These internships are perfectly suited for gaining specialized work experience, or to fulfill academic requirements (see Internship in Chile).

With 15 years of experience offering study abroad programs in Chile, we have developed an extensive network of contacts and resources that allow us to offer in-depth experiences that meet the unique demands of each group.

As an independently owned, Santiago-based company, we work hands-on with you to provide a tailored schedule that fulfills your specific program objectives. Chile Inside will design and develop educational itineraries in a range of academic disciplines. By matching your curriculum and the standards and requirements within your area of study, we seek to provide a custom-made itinerary that suits your educational needs while offering a transformative journey experience in Latin America.

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Leave the planning of your study trip to Chile in our hands! Our professional team will take care of every detail. We are capable of coordinating meetings, company visits or roundtables with prominent Chilean, multi-national and/or international companies of your choice, as well as tours with some of the top business universities in Latin America. From start to finish, we manage all travel logistics, including international flights, airport transfers, hotel accommodations, local transportation, group meals, and local tours. In addition, we also arrange visits to tourist attractions and activities that promote cultural enrichment, including visits to world-renowned vineyards, folkloric dance shows, the peaks of the Andes mountain range, fishing towns on the Pacific coast, and the renowned homes of Chilean Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda. Participants will leave with a comprehensive overview of Chile’s vibrant cultural diversity, emerging economy, and exposure to the Latin American business world. Chile Inside is considered the market leader in Chile for cultural exchange programs.

Since our inception 2003, we are a proud member of the German Chilean Chamber of Commerce, which is a representation of our competent, fair, and trustworthy business practices. In 2013, we were admitted into the global network of the WYSE Travel Confederation and are currently the only Chilean member within its sector association, WYSE Work Abroad. This demonstrates our high level of credibility as well as our outstanding service. In order to maintain our high standards, Chile Inside has vetted our local partner agencies, tours, and organizations to assure both safety and quality during your trip. Our multi-lingual, diverse team will provide attentive service for you throughout your time in Chile as well as 24-hour assistance in the case of an emergency.

Sample Itinerary:
Chile Inside takes pride in offering customized experiences for every client that participates in its programs. We will work directly with you to develop a professional itinerary that supports your curriculum requirements and offers your participants an educational, inspiring trip abroad. Whether your interests are to meet with national or multi-national companies, receive presentations from top-rated universities, or tour world-class Chilean wineries, we can guarantee a personalized schedule that fulfills all of your expectations.

We will gladly coordinate meetings, tours, or presentations with diverse representation across all sectors. Example meetings from some of the study trips we organized include:

  government agencies
  private corporations
  national, international, and multinational companies
  non-governmental organizations
  international chambers of commerce
  international business
  health care
  food industry
  human rigths

Culture and touristic excursions are other important elements in experiencing a foreign country, so we can also include visits to:

  ski centers
  city tours
  local cuisine workshop
  shopping centers
  extreme sports activities (e.g. hiking, surfing, skiing, white-water rafting, horseback-riding, etc.)



Whether your group is visiting Chile for a week or several months, Chile Inside can organize the accommodation for all the participants according to group preferences. We can arrange for lodging in a hostel, hotel, homestay, or furnished apartment, taking into consideration the goal and length of stay, location/connectivity, building services and amenities, group/personal budget etc. With 15 years of experience offering a variety of intercultural exchange programs, we have a vast database of vetted homestay families that offer a unique opportunity for foreigners that are remaining in Chile for a longer period to experience Chilean daily life. Some homestays also include half or full board meal programs so participants will have the chance to dine with their host families and truly integrate into the Chilean culture. For individuals or groups traveling together looking to reside on their own, we can arrange an hotel accommodation that best suits their needs.



You can rest assured knowing that every detail will be taken care of when Chile Inside creates your travel itinerary. With interest in providing a complete package, we are more than happy to arrange all group travel logistics, including international air, land and sea transportation, lodging while you are in Chile, group meals, and more! From the moment you arrive at the airport, you will be greeted by a Chile Inside representative who will give a welcome introduction and provide 24-assistance while you are visiting us in Chile. Accompanied with a bilingual Chile Insider, you will receive hands-on treatment throughout your stay. We are the Insiders of Chile, and we promise that we will never pass you off onto a third party for assistance.

We look forward to coordinating your:

  International Flights
  Airport Transfer
  Local Transportation (tour bus, train, flight, public transportation)
  Accommodation in the required (hotel) category
  Reservations at our favorite restaurants
  Meetings, presentations, round tables and seminars with prominent executives, government agencies,
   Chilean Universities or other educational institutions, private or public organizations, NGO’s etc.
  Tours of company grounds, sites, plants, storage facilities
  Tours and excursions of Chile’s must-see tourist attractions, traditional dance exhibitions, authentic
   cuisine, Chilean Spanish classes (short and long term)
  Health and Travel Insurance



With a length of 4300 km (2,672 miles), nearly the same distance as the width of the United States, Chile is stretched across several types of landscapes, cultures, and traditions, which makes its incredibly diverse. With a very mixed ancestry of Spanish, indigenous groups, and several moderate waves of European immigrants, Chile has countless traditions of distinct origins, all of which have come together to form modern-day Chilean culture. An array of museums, mainly located in Santiago, offers a flashback into Chilean history, while a visit to “Sanhattan” gives reference to Chile’s rise to economic excellence. The streets of Valparaiso seem like a huge outdoor museum and glow with vibrant art and cultural displays. Six major panoramas comprise Chile’s topography: the Atacama Desert in the north, the Andes Mountain Range which divides Chile from Argentina in the west, Patagonia in the south, the Pacific coastline in the west, the Chilean Antarctic in the south, and Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean, which is located 3790 km (2,355 mi.) from the mainland. The opportunities to explore these contrasting landscapes are endless, and Chile Inside can organize group travel by land, air, and sea to experience these exotic places first-hand. If additional travel is not feasible, participants can still become familiar with Chile’s diversity through art displays, museums, cuisine, music, and dance. By sampling world-famous Chilean wine and cuisine, visiting thought-provoking history museums and monuments, cheering on traditional Eastern Island dancers, and climbing the hills of Valparaíso, participants will have an intimate understanding of Chilean culture and the daily experiences of the diverse populations that make up Chilean society. Chile Inside will match your program requirements and group’s interests with the cultural options and activities of Chile to ensure an enjoyable, stimulating trip abroad. Whether your group is full of history buffs, nature enthusiasts, wine lovers, or sports fanatics, our knowledgeable, fun, and experienced team of locals will provide you with countless options to discover and be inspired in Chile!


Why Chile

Advantage Chile: In 2012, Forbes Magazine declared Chile the best country for doing business in Latin America. Chile’s friendly business atmosphere and stability have incited several large companies to establish their offices in the capital, Santiago, as a gateway to doing business in Latin America. With an average yearly growth rate of 5.6% since 1990, the highest GDP per capita in Latin America, and business transparency rankings on par with those in the developed world, Chile is the golden child of South America, which is why we started to offer personalized business trips (global study trips, faculty-led programs) to the region in 2012. Increased international presence and consistent economic growth in several sectors has allowed Chile to gain global recognition in mining, wine, agriculture, and fishing industries, just to name a few. In 2010, Chile became the first South American country to earn membership in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and is now ranked as the world’s 40th most development country. Chile is considered one of the safest countries in Latin America due to its high level of sociopolitical and economic stability. There is no denying that the past 30 years have been a time of incredible transformation, shaping Chile into the modernized country that it is today. Chile’s presence on the world stage has been growing, and the nation has been leaving its mark on Latin American politics, economics, and cultural influence. As one of the world’s most open economies, Chile was the first country in the world to sign free trade agreements with the United States, Japan, the European Union, and China. Chile now holds the most bilateral trade agreements out of every country in the world. The attraction of business students, professors, intellectuals, and researchers to Chile is obvious. Why not experience the country first hand and discuss Chile’s economic success one-on-one a local business expert, scholar, or government representative? With an extensive network of contacts across Chile’s most prominent sectors and industries, Chile Inside will tailor your study trip itinerary to satisfy the program requirements and/or study trip standards to guarantee an informative, stimulating stay in Chile. Whether your visit is one week or several months, we can assure that your participants will receive an educational program focused in their area of study that will offer them an unforgettable, transformative experience in Latin America.

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