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Working Holiday

Working Holiday in a Surf School

  • ​Quick facts
  • Program Description

Booking Number


Program Places

Leisure sector (surf schools, surf shops, surf hotels, water sports providers, etc.)


Chile, on the Pacific coast between Arica and the island of Chiloé


Depending on the program place, possible tasks:

  • Surfing equipment sale/rental
  • Selling surf lessons
  • Preparing/maintaining equipment
  • Helping with cleaning and repair
  • Assisting with surf lessons and coordination training
  • Assisting in administration and marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Doing translation
  • Working in the cafeteria (if available)
  • Hotel work (if placed in the surf hotel)

Working Hours

Between 30 - 40 hours/week (depend on program place)

Program Start

Between November and April, start and end dates are flexible


Minimum 4 weeks, maximum 3 months

Minimum Age

18 years


Basic Spanish (book your Spanish Course in Chile with us!)


Single or shared room. The accommodation is provided by the program place and is usually located directly on-site.


Meals are included in the form of breakfast, half-board or full-board. Meals are provided either as served meals, groceries or money for self-catering.


Internet is usually available at the program place and can be used free of charge.

In-Country Support

Through the office of Chile Inside in Santiago de Chile (English-speaking).

24/7 Emergency Number

With your booking documents you will receive our 24-hour emergency number, so that you can reach us in case of emergency, 7 days a week, around the clock.


Please send us your detailed CV with a photo and the completed registration form. For more information on the application process, please download and read our registration form here.

Application Deadlines

There are no application deadlines. We recommend submitting the application documents as early as possible, but at least 12 weeks before the desired start of the program. For short-term applications, please get in touch with us.


The conclusion of a travel health insurance for Chile is required. You can get insurance coverage, at reasonable rates and trailored for our Work & Travel programs, online with us. See: Travel Health Insurance

Program Highlights

  1. Gain valuable work experience in Chile
  2. Participation possible even without prior knowledge
  3. Accommodation included
  4. Board included (full or partial)
  5. No application deadlines
  6. Flexible start and end dates
  7. Individual placement offer
  8. Preferences regarding the favorite location can be considered
  9. English-speaking in-country support
  10. Programs are situated in the most beautiful places of the country

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