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Work & Travel in Chile

Work Area

Tourism & Hospitality sector

Work Places

Hostels, small hotels, surf schools, ski centers, tour operation agencies, holiday facilities, etc.

Work Tasks

Depend on the area. Usually simple work/assistant jobs. Not appropriate for professional internships.

Work Hours

Between 30 and 40 hours per week; shift work may be required


You will be provided with accommodation and food in exchange for your work. In some cases, tips may be earned, but we cannot guarantee it. Food can be only breakfast, half-board or full-board.


Throughout Chile, mainly in touristic places or big cities like Santiago, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso

Start Date

At any time during the year


Minumum 4 weeks, maximum 6 months



Previous Experience

Not required


Spanish skills, intermediate level. Book your Spanish course in Chile with us.


Single or shared room


Included in form of only breakfast, half-board or full-board. Food is provided either as prepared meals, groceries or money for self-cooking.


Depends on location. Often available, but cannot be guaranteed.


Chile Inside office in Santiago de Chile (English, German, and Spanish speaking) will give you local support.

24/7 Emergency Number

A Chile Inside representative will always be available in the case of an emergency.


Detailed CV, photo, completed registration form


Please indicate any skills or experience that could be relevant for this program

Application Deadline

No application deadlines. We recommend you to send the application as early as possible, at least 8 weeks before the program start date. Short-notice registration is possible upon request.

Health Insurance

Participant must show proof of travel health insurance for Chile

Work & Travel in Chile, your opportunity to work for food and accommodation!

You want to stay abroad, but you have a low travel budget? You need a break from your daily routine and you seek out new adventures? Do a "Working Holiday" in Chile!

Our Working Holiday programs (synonym for Work & Travel) make a temporary job in Chile possible! The program places are for participants of all ages and backgrounds, from recent high school graduates to university students, and even professionals. A Working Holiday program with Chile Inside offers you the opportunity to explore the country and get to know the people while also deepening your Spanish skills and paying for your stay by working. You won’t receive a salary, but all Working Holiday programs provide accommodation and at least breakfast and sometimes even half-board or full-board.

These unique programs take place within the tourism industry and give you the chance to help with the preparation and organization of tours while actively assisting guests from all over the world. Chile has so much to offer tourists through its wide variety of natural and cultural attractions. From the world's driest desert in the north of Chile, to impressive glaciers and ancient trees in the southern Patagonia region, there is something for everyone. The abundance of national parks that span the entire country attract nature lovers seeking the beauty that exists in the country’s 4,500 km (2,800 miles) of coast, majestic lakes, rivers, and mountains.

To ensure that your stay in Chile exceeds all expectations, you can choose your preferred natural setting for your Working Holiday program.

Working Holiday programs take place in popular tourist destinations. The program sites are located in Chilean main cities or beautiful natual settings, which allows participants to explore the amazing landscapes of Chile.

Click on the different programs to find out more. 


Working Holiday in a Hostel or Hotel 




Working Holiday in a Ski Resort 



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Working Holiday in a Surf School 




Working Holiday at a Tour Operator 



The tasks are very diverse and vary depending on both the type of program and time of year. Be sure to mention your personal preferences in your application so that we can consider them while organizing your program.

Typically, participants stay in a staff house or in an accommodation on the program site. Participants will live in either a single or shared room, and typically have contact with the owners and/or other staff as well as their families. This way, participants will get to know the Chilean way of life in addition to deepening their Spanish skills and intercultural competences. For programs that take place in a hotel or hostel, participants will always live directly on-site. In these locations, participants have the opportunity to meet and interact with guests and employees. Making friends and sharing perspectives is always possible no matter the location.

The special Single-VIP-Package guarantees you an accommodation in a single room. Since program places that offer this feature are limited, a selection of your prefered location is not available.

The payment of the program fee is due when booking the program. It is a one-time fee and includes accommodation and board (only breakfast, half-board or full-board) for the duration of your stay (e.g. 3 months Working Holiday VIP cost 555 USD).

The program includes:
  Professional consultations prior to your arrival in Chile
  English-speaking local support
  Translation of your application documents and preparation of your profile
  Working Holiday placement
  Elaboration of the program offer for your Working Holiday placement
  Work Hours: 30-45 hours per week
  Documents for visa application (if required)
  Country handbook Chile
  Santiago City Map (copyright by Chile Inside)
  Santiago City Guide (130 pages, copyright by Chile Inside)
  Informative welcome meeting with the staff in our office
  Organization of local travel to your program location 
  Accommodation (single or shared room) - Single-VIP-Package guarantees single room accommodation
  Board (only breakfast or half-board or full-board)
  Certificate of participation from Chile Inside
  Certificate of participation from you host company
  24/7 emergency number

The differences in the Single-VIP-Package are:
Services as mentioned above
  Single room accommodation guaranteed
  Only available in hostels and hotels
  Selection of prefered program location not available
  Not available for friends or couples travelling together, only single placements


Per program place / Duration  up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
530 USD 555 USD 580 USD 605 USD 630 USD
710 USD 735 USD 760 USD 785 USD 810 USD

Application fee of 120 USD to be added.

Combining Programs:      See more, experience more!

True to the motto "See more, experience more", our Working Holiday combination packages allow you to combine several program places and to save even money! In this way, you will be able to see more of this amazing country, you will experience more and you make your stay abroad even more exciting.

Number of program places  per program place
2 x Working Holiday 360 USD
3 x Working Holiday 325 USD
4 x Working Holiday 290 USD 

a) the application fee of 120 USD applies for each program place.
b) the participation in each program is minimum 6 weeks and maximum 3 months.
c) the costs refer to each program place (e.g. 2 x Working Holiday is 720 USD)
d) not applicable for the Single VIP Package

Buy your travel insurance online with us:

Is Work & Travel in Chile exactly what you have been looking for? If so, we look forward to receiving your application and arranging your stay. There are no application deadlines and no set participatin date. Everything is up to you!

Please follow these stepts to submit your application:

  1. Download our registration form and complete it accurately. Follow the instructions on the first page of the form.
  2. Send the registration form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to your personal contact at Chile Inside. Please also send your resume and a picture of yourself so that we can process your application.
  3. Pay the registration fee of 120 USD. The payment of the registration fee guarantees that we will place your according to your application.
  4. When we have received the registration fee, we will create your internal application profile, adapt it to Chilean standards, and begin the organization of your Working Holiday.
  5. As soon as a host company has accepted your profile, we will send you your program description. To arrange a suitable placement, we require between 4 and 12 weeks.
  6. To book your Working Holiday program in Chile we will send you the program agreement and the payment of the program fee will become due.

What is the difference between an Internship in Chile, a Working Holiday in Chile, and a Work & Travel Program in Chile?
We have given our programs different names because they differ in terms of organization, scope, and requirements. Internships give participants a chance to train skills they have gained at university in a work environment, to gain international work experience, and to specialize in a certain industry sector. We offer internships in all industries and business areas to meet the specific requirements given by universities. We understand that completing an internship abroad is sometimes required by universities to graduate, and we do our best to accommodate the specific needs of each student.

The terms Working Holiday and Work & Travel refer to the same type of program. Chile Inside was the first agency in Chile to offer this type of program back in 2004. Thanks to us, Working Holiday / Work & Travel programs have been introduced to the market! As there is no official use of the terms Working Holiday or Work & Travel in Chile (contrary to Australia and New Zealand), we would like to point out explicitly that we use both terms synonymously. This is why you will find a mixture of both terms on our homepage.

Contrary to our internship program in Chile, the Work & Travel program is not about gaining experience in your field of work or study, but rather about doing a “holiday job” abroad. The Working Holiday / Work & Travel placements do not qualify as internships. The program offers the opportunity to work abroad in tourism, hospitality, and the leisure sector. Work & Travel and Working Holiday in Chile are unpaid activities, however, the host company will provide accommodation and board (can be only breakfast, half-board or even full-board) in exchange for your work.

Where do the Work & Travel programs take place?
The Work & Travel programs in Chile can take place anywhere in the country. Due to the fact that program placements are always in the tourism sector, we can offer attractive Work & Travel programs throughout the whole country, including central, northern, and southern regions. The employers are typically travel agencies, small hotels, hostels, surf schools, other outdoor sports providers, ski centers, etc.

Where will I stay during the Working Holiday program?
Accommodation is provided directly by the host companies. Therefore, a general answer to this question cannot be given. In most cases, accommodation is located directly on the premises (hotel or hostel) or in nearby staff housing. If working at a small family enterprise, homestays may also be an option. You will be informed about your accommodation when you receive your program description, after the placement process is completed.

Does taking part in a Working Holiday program require previous experience?
You don’t need to have specific knowledge or previous experience to take part in a Working Holiday program. Everyone who would like to spend some time abroad and would like to cover the costs by working can participate.

Is there an age limit for participation in a Work & Travel program in Chile?
The minimum age requirement is 18 years. The maximum age is not fixed, however, the majority of participants is 18-40 years old.

What language skills are required?
In order to participate in a Work & Travel program in Chile, you need to have intermediate Spanish skills. Additional language skills, such as German and English, are greatly appreciated by your hosts. If you do not speak Spanish, it does not mean that you cannot participate. Our Spanish courses in Chile prepare you for our programs and allow you to meet the minimum language requirements.

Can I participate in a program together with a friend?
Of course! We also organize Working Holidays for friends and couples who are traveling together. However, please be aware that most Working Holiday / Work & Travel placements only provide room and work for one participant or you might have to work in two different shifts (e.g. early and late shift). If you request a “double placement”, we will try to find you a Work & Travel program in the same place, however, we cannot guarantee that this will be possible. What we can ensure is that you will be placed in the same location, so that you are at least close to each other. Two separate placements are great too, because you’ll have many things to talk about when you meet up, and you will be able to exchange personal experiences.

What is the application / placement process?
Our application and placement process is easy and simple. As soon as you pay the registration fee, we will start the placement process. As part of the application, we need you to send us your CV and a photo. In addition, we ask you to fill out the registration form carefully and turn it in. Based on this information, we create your internal profile in Spanish, which is used to suggest you for suitable positions. As soon as a company agrees to receive you as Work and Traveller we put together an individual program offer which provides detailed information about the position. We give you enough time to process and think about accepting the placement, and we are always available to answer any of your questions. If you decide to book the program, we prepare the booking documents and issue the participation agreement and invoice for you to sign and pay.

How far in advance should I sign up?
The organization of a Working Holiday / Work & Travel program in Chile takes around 4-12 weeks. The application processing time depends on our workload and the availability of positions. In some cases, placements can be organized within a shorter time-span, while in others, it may take longer. We do, however, always aim to find a placement for the requested start date and present you with a suitable offer in a timely manner. Please send us your application at least 3-8 months prior to your desired start date, depending on how soon you want to embark on your trip.

When do I have to pay the program fee?
When you send in your application documents, we charge a registration fee (see application form). The program fee, on the other hand, is only due once the application process has been completed successfully, i.e. when you receive our program offer and you accept it.

Is airfare included in the program fee?
The price for the flight is not included in the program fee. Our participants always buy their flight tickets on their own and appreciate having this flexibility, especially if they plan to travel around after finishing their program. Chile Inside helps you to find good flight arrangements. Please use our online form to request flight quotations.

Will I be picked up at the airport?
We will be happy to organize a pick-up at the airport for you. This service is not included in the program fee, but you can easily book it as an add-on.

Is there a minimum or maximum stay requirement?
To take part in one of the programs, we require a minimum stay of four weeks, and the maximum amount of time that can be spent is six months. The average time of a stay is between three to four months.

Do I have an obligation towards my host company?
Host companies invest a lot of time when going through applications. They prepare themselves for the arrival of participants and usually work them into their fixed work schedule. They count on your help for the booked period and make plans for your time with them. To ensure the program is carried out without problems and that the stay is beneficial for both parties, it is important that you respect company rules, regulations, and working hours in addition to completing your tasks diligently.

What are the work hours like?
Work hours are established by the individual host companies. Furthermore, they depend on the time of year and seasonal factors. In the tourism industry, people often work shifts either during the day or night and on weekends. Please be aware that your days off may not always fall on the weekends and that you will have to take on shifts before lunch, after lunch and/or in the evenings/at night.

Will I get a certificate of participation for my stay abroad?
Yes, we will give you a certificate upon request. Likewise, all our host companies are willing to issue a work reference which provides more details about your tasks, responsibilities, and performance.

What kind of insurance do I need for my stay in Chile?
In order to take part in a Work & Travel program, you need to have travel health insurance. It is important that you are insured against illness and accidents in Chile. For this purpose, Chile Inside cooperate with Caremed, with whom we have negotiated special rates for our participants For more information read here.

Do I need a special visa to take part in a Work & Travel program?
As long as your work activities in Chile are unpaid, you don’t need to apply for a special visa, unless otherwise required by the host company. With the so-called tourist visa (tarjeta de turismo), which you receive when entering Chile, you are allowed to carry out unpaid activities. Further information concerning visa requirements can be obtained directly from us.

Will I have an English-speaking contact person in Chile?
Our office staff in Santiago is friendly and multilingual. Almost all of us speak at least three languages, including English, and are available to answer any questions you may have or give you further information in your native language.

How safe is it to travel in Chile?
Chile is considered the safest country in Latin America and is deemed safe for travelers and even women who travel alone. Violent attacks on tourists are very rare. However, like anywhere else in the world, you have to pay close attention to your valuables as pickpockets can occur. You can protect yourself from these kinds of incidents by being careful and cautious, such as not walking around on your phone that someone could grab, or keeping your money in your front pockets / hidden fanny packs. Just like every other big city in the world, at night it is always best to walk around with at least one other person if possible, and you should avoid dark places and parks. Taxis are widely used in Chile and offer a safe way to get home.

Do I need to get vaccines before my trip to Chile?
No vaccines are required for Chile. Tropical illnesses such as malaria, yellow fever or dengue fever, etc. do not exist in Chile. To get personal medical advice, we recommend getting in touch with your family doctor, as they know your state of health best.

What should I do if I have a problem?
In the unlikely event that you experience problems during your stay in Chile, we are available to provide assistance. No matter if you encounter problems in your Work & Travel program, or whether they are of a different nature, we are always happy to help. You will find our 24-hour emergency number on your reservation confirmation. It ensures that we are also reachable outside of office hours.

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