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Working with a sea view – Working Holiday Chile
Fancy a job with a sea view? With the beach right in front of the door? Working Holiday in the trendy seaside resort of Matanzas on Chile's Pacific coast can offer you exactly that: the perfect mix of "working" and "holiday".
Our Farm Stay family is growing…
Farm Stays in Chile are one of our most popular stay abroad programs. That's why our Farm Stay family is growing regularly. Brand new, we have just added a horse breeding for first-class racehorses.
No matter what you want – it’s in Chile.
Whether you're doing a Working Holiday in northern Chile or a Spanish course by the sea, helping street dogs in Santiago, working as a teacher at a rural school or ride with the Baqueanos through the wild Patagonia – sightseeing sites will be just a little time and a ticket away.
Book now for 2023 and get the 2022 prices
If you apply now for one of our meaningful volunteer projects, farm stays, working holidays, au pairs or Spanish language travel, you will get the 2022 price guarantee.
Cultural immersion for horse lovers
About 500 km south of Santiago you can expect a family atmosphere, a great team and authentic Chilean country life at Fernando and Sabine's stud farm. At this Farm Stay in Chile, you live on a beautiful located farm and take care of everything to do with the horses...
Chile’s most beautiful National Parks
With the exception of the tropics, Chile brings together all the climatic zones of the world over its approximately 4,300km length: from desert to high mountains, Mediterranean-like valleys, dense primeval forests to tundra-like steppes and icy glaciers, everything is there, including almost 3000 volcanoes and a seemingly endless coastline with secluded bays and either wild cliffs or quiet beaches.
Chile celebrates the Fiestas Patrias!
September is a very special month in Chile - not only because spring is beginning. You will notice that a flag is hoisted in front of or on every house, many windows are decorated, traditional music sounds from the speakers and around mid-September you will see children in traditional costumes on every street corner.
Our heart project: Volunteering on a Farm Sanctuary
In our volunteer project for animals in need you can show your big heart for animals. Help neglected and abused animals "get back on their feet", regain trust in humans and live dignified lives.
Genuinely Chilean: Carmenere Wine
Did you know that nowadays the Carmenère wine variety exists and is produced almost exclusively in Chile? This goes back to a historical coincidence: the wine was introduced to Chile from France in the mid-19th century and has been cultivated here ever since.
Long awaited, finally here: New school project
Your tasks are all about shaping and enriching the children's everyday school life. The intercultural exchange with teachers, children and families is very important. As a volunteer, you should be proactively involved in school and community life.
What is Culture Shock?
Traveling is undoubtedly a great experience that allows you to expand your worldview, meet new people and explore new countries. Most people have heard of what is known as “culture shock”. But what exactly is that?
Santiago – some advices for your stay
You have already booked your flight and now you can´t wait anymore to set foot in Chile and to start your next adventures. When travelling to Chile you shouldn’t miss to visit Santiago, Chile´s capital with about 7 million inhabitants.
New Volunteer Project: Fair Trade Organization
We took advantage of the calm during the pandemic and went in search of new interesting and meaningful volunteer projects for you. One of our newcomers is a fair trade organization in southern Chile.
Our New Year’s resolution for 2021: live sustainably!
New Year’s Eve is still very fresh and we look forward to what 2021 holds. Of course, we also have good intentions which are more than just resolutions. We believe an attitude to life that should accompany us from now on. What is it? SUSTAINABILITY. A simple word with a lot of meaning.
Price Guarantee for your Stay Abroad 2021
At the moment "stay-at-home" is certainly the best, but don't let COVID-19 spoil your travel plans! With our 2020 price guarantee, you can book your 2021 stay abroad at the current prices.
New: Volunteering in Environmental Protection in Santiago
The "Parque Metropolitano" covers over 700 hectares in the middle of the capital! The park offers numerous hiking trails, playgrounds, swimming pools, mountain bike trails, a zoo, several themed gardens, a cable car and a funicular, picnic and barbecue areas and large areas of forest.
A Unique Spectacle – Tapati Festival on Easter Island
You were told that really big celebrations last three days? That´s very little compared to Rapa Nui´s 15 day Tapati Festival! Every year in February, the small island goes crazy and hosts one most the most spectacular events in the world. The unparalleled Tapati is celebrated to commemorate the arrival of the first Polynesian settlers.
Summertime – Beach Time
It's summer in Chile - Santiago is sweating, the beaches around Viña del Mar and La Serena are full of tourists and even in Chile's south, with the notoriously rainy weather, a few days of sunshine transform the lakeshores into holiday resorts.
New Volunteer Project: Pure Nature in Patagonia
The 3000 hectare nature reserve was funded by a private initiative. It lies about 3 hours by car and ferry from the nearest big city and 11 km from the nearest village in a fairytale-like beautiful, almost untouched landscape of jungle, lakes, clear rivers and beautiful mountains.
The Patagonian Summer Season is starting!
From late October to late March is high season in Patagonia, the climate is less rough and you can even get a sunburn on your nose! Our volunteer projects in Patagonia are running at full speed in summer and there is a lot to do for volunteers who love being outdoors!
New Chile Inside Website
​Welcome to our brand new, rebuilt Chile Inside website! Over the last few weeks, we have worked hard to give you an even better browsing experience on our sites: more color, more pictures, more information, MORE FUN!