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Language Travel to Chile

There are really many good reasons to spend time abroad and do a language trip to Chile. Many young people go abroad immediately after leaving school to take part in exchange programs, volunteer travel, international internships or Au Pair programs. What is this always connected with? Right! With learning a new language and an intercultural exchange. Mastering a foreign language is not only very good on your CV but it also connects you to the foreign culture and the lifestyle of another country.

A language trip is a stay abroad with the aim of learning or improving a foreign language. We live in a globalized world in which the exchange between cultures is becoming increasingly important. On a language trip you learn another language the fastest and most efficient way since you are exposed to the language every minute of the day. In addition, you gain important insights into the foreign culture and the history of the host country. There is no denying that the best place to learn a foreign language is where it is spoken on a daily basis. This is the only way to be able to pick up the details of the language and get a sense of the right pronunciation. The desired learning success can be intensified in everyday situations and conversations with locals, which increases the understanding of foreign cultures.

Foreign language skills are also very important on the labor market. Applicants with in-depth language skills and experience abroad have much better chances to get their dream job and be promoted during their career. In addition, foreign languages expand your personal horizon and can open doors, both privately and professionally!

Language schools for Spanish lessons in Chile

Our language courses in Chile take place in beautiful locations that offer you, besides learning Spanish, the opportunity to get in contact with culture and traditions and to gain deep insights into the way of life in the host country. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can broaden your language skills, have fun and meet nice people!

With Chile Inside you can put together your language trip to Chile individually. Choose from our 6 language schools for Spanish courses in Chile. For a very intense Chile experience, different course locations can even be linked together. You can choose between Spanish schools in Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso, Viña del Mar, Pichilemu, Pucon and even Iquique. Each of these places has its own personal charm and offers the best conditions to learn Spanish in a pleasant environment.

The Spanish institute in Santiago de Chile is the favorite for many students, because there is always something going on in Chile's capital. Here you can stroll through quaint neighborhoods, experience art and history up close, immerse yourself in an active nightlife and do sight-seeing. The language school in Santiago de Chile is very popular. It's easy to make friends and spend your free time together.

Our Spanish school in Valparaiso and the Spanish institute in Viña del Mar are located on the central coast and offer a more relaxed atmosphere than the metropolis of Santiago. The proximity to the picturesque harbor and the kilometer-long beach make these language institutes particularly attractive for language students. Spanish courses in Valparaíso and Spanish courses in Viña del Mar are available throughout the year.

Pichilemu is located a little further south, just off the sea, and offers surfers the chance to combine their passion with a Spanish course in Pichilemu. Originally a small fishing village, Pichilemu has become a popular destination for national and international guests in recent years.

Pucon is a small idyllic town in the lakes region of Chile. From almost every spot you have an amazing view of the snow-capped volcano Villarrica directly on the lake of the same name. Pucon is the place to be for nature lovers and friends of outdoor sports. At the small Spanish school in Pucon, attention is paid to personalized lessons.

Last but not least, our Spanish school in Iquique is our insider tip for a language course in the north of the country. The city on the Pacific Ocean offers a fantastic view of the sea and a huge sand dune forms the backbone of the city. In Iquique, eternal spring prevails and is therefore popular with students all year round.

What kind of Spanish courses can I take?

Our language schools offer different types of language courses.

The Group Course is the standard course and the most booked option. In small groups you can study Spanish together with other students from all over the world. Learning in the group is fun and motivating, which is why the group course is the most popular type of course. The group courses are divided according to the level of the individual students so that the class is homogeneous, and the same language level can be achieved. Subject-related vocabulary exercises, grammar, communication exercises and other methods are taught in class.

Spanish one-to-one tuition is 100% tailored to your needs, and the full attention of the Spanish teacher is yours alone. Specific topics can be dealt with in a targeted way, and the teacher can focus on your needs and special areas of interest.

The Intensive Course is a combination of the two courses mentioned above: group course in the morning and individual course in the afternoon. In this Spanish course, as its name implies, the students deal intensively with the foreign language and the learning progress is noticeable from day to day. Undoubtedly, the fastest learning success is achieved with the Spanish Intensive Course.

All our language courses at a glance: Learn Spanish in Chile

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