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Wildlife & Nature

​Unfortunately, in underdeveloped countries, the understanding of animal and nature conservation is not very firmly anchored. The knowledge about the protection of our natural resources and a responsible handling of animals is not very widespread. This often leads to polluted air and water, entire areas of land are littered and many animals gradually are banished from their natural habitats. Furthermore, a non-species-appropriate attitude and irresponsibility in dealing with dogs has led to the fact that the cityscape is characterized by thousand of thousand of stray stray dogs and cats.

You want to do volunteer work abroad and animal & nautre protection is very important to you? Stand up for those who have no voice and often suffer the most in our world! As a volunteer in our Wildlife & Nature projects, you can help in animal rescue centers or work in fascinating landscapes surrounded by unspoilt nature.
In the long term, to tackle environmental sins and violations of animal welfare, two things are particularly helpful:

  1. Environmental Education from an early age: This is sustainable, but it takes time, in the worst case an entire generation.
  2. Immediate measures: Reforestation, animal rescue and protection, clearing of pollution, the creation of nature reserves.

We offer different amazing projects encouraging volunteers to save a tiny bit of "our world".

The following Wildlife & Nature Projects are available: