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​Volunteer Work in Chile

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Explore the world while showing social commitment! By participating in a collaborative service project abroad, you will broaden your horizons, contribute to global understanding among cultures, and put your energy into action where it's most needed.

The best way to get to know a foreign country, its language, its people, its culture and, above all, the problems that each country struggles with, is to live there for a while and become part of society. By participating in one of our meaningful volunteer projects in Chile, you can be sure that you know Chile well off the beaten tourist track and will certainly love it.

Our volunteer projects in Chile take place in collaboration with social institutions and non-profit organizations throughout the country. In most cases, you work directly with the target audience and take on tasks such as looking after and caring for disadvanteged children, the disabled or the elderly, the homeless, or you get involved in environmental protection or animal welfare.

Not only will the people benefit from your volunteer service in Chile, but you will too! Volunteering in a community based service leraning project proves, that you are adaptable, cosmopolitan, tolerant and socially engaged - a great asset in every resumé! Don’t underestimated the Spanish skills, that you will acquire while volunteering in Chile, which makes you even more interesting to future employers. This is particularly valuable since Spanish is one of the three most important (business) languages in the world, with an upward trend due to growing economic relations of industrialized countries with Latin America.

Chile Inside is your first choice when it comes to stays abroad in Chile. For nearly two decades, we have been successfully organizing community service  in Chile, across the country, in a variety of fields.

​The following volunteer projects are available: