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Farm Stay

​​Farm Stay in Chile

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​What exactly is Farm Stay?

​Where are the farms located?

​Where will I be living?

​What are the requirements to participate in a Farm Stay?

​Do I need riding skills in order to participate in a Farm Stay?

​What are the age limites?

​What language skills are required?

​Can I participate together with a friend/partner?

How does the application process work?

With how much time in advance do I have to submit my application?

​When do I have to pay the placement fee?

​What are the working hours?

​Is th airfare included in the program costs?

​How do I get to my farm?

Is there a minimum or maximum participation time?

What are my responsibilities?

​Will I get a certificate of participation? 

​What kind of insurance do I need for my Farm stay in Chile?

​Do I need a work visa for my Farm Stay in Chile?

​Do I have an english speaking contact person? 

Is it safe to travel in Chile?

Are there any vaccination requirements?

​What should I do in case of any problem?