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What do our participants say about our exchange programs abroad? How is it like to live with a Chilean host family?

What does the daily routine of a Chile Inside program look like? Who to better answer all those questions than our former participants?

At this point we would also like to say THANK YOU to all our participants who have taken the time and effort to write these interesting and meaningful references and share them with us (and with you!). It is very much appreciated!

Alina’s parents say Thank You!
First of all, thank you both for the great organization, the calming conversations and the professional handling. We have already recommended you to friends.
Sarah in Chile during the pandemic
I surely will never forget my time in Chile, because for me it was a huge experience to travel alone to a foreign country with a different culture and language, in order to work there as a volunteer. The two months in Santiago have passed quickly and I definitely want to come back.
Antonia’s immersion into a new culture
I surely will never forget my time in Chile, because for me it was a huge experience to travel alone to a foreign country with a different culture and language, in order to work there as a volunteer. The two months in Santiago have passed quickly and I definitely want to come back.
Christopher´s Internship in Chile
My internship has been wonderful. I was nervous at first because of the communication problems we were having, but I could not have asked for a better place to intern.
Glynn recommends Chile Inside
I retired from my career in real estate three years ago, and I have been traveling and doing volunteer work in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. My work with Chile Inside was the best experience to date.
Anthony learns Spanish in Chile
Right from the beginning Chile Inside responded to my quires with a personal email. I would highly recommend this organization if you are planning an Spanish immersion in Chile!
Jasmin’s testimonial Au Pair Chile
My name is Jasmin, I am from Germany, and I was an Au Pair in Chile for almost four months. Read about my unforgettable experience in Santiago!
Greta about her Au Pair stay
Last year I decided to go to Chile as an Au Pair, because I wanted to travel abroad and get to know another culture. All hurdles, questions and concerns, and lots of more stuff, has been taken care of by Chile Inside.
Internship at a Football Club
From October 29th, 2018 to December 14th, 2018 I did a 7-week internship at the first league football club "Club Universidad de Chile". During this time, I learned a lot about the South American football tradition.
Carolin, Au Pair in Viña del Mar
In school I had only a few years of Spanish, so I decided not to start studying directly after graduation and to go abroad to improve my Spanish. Although I have heard some dangerous stories about South America, Chile is the safest country there.
Lena as a Work & Traveller in Santiago de Chile
On Monday, October 30th, my two-month program started in Santiago. I arrived at the hostel at noon, where I worked for the next two months. Right at the beginning I met some of my colleagues, who all immediately seemed very nice to me.
Victorias adventures on a Farm in southern Chile
I already had the pleasure of visiting some countries in Latin-American, and what really stuck out to me is how hard-working and ambitious Chilean people are. Those that I got to know worked non-stop and always had a smile on their faces and nice things to say.
Emmelys tells about her Au Pair Adventure in Chile
The Au Pair stay with Chile Inside was fantastic. From the rapidity and dependability of the mediation to my stay there in Chile, everything went very smoothly. My host family in Santiago was from Argentina. I moved with the family to another home and we also went on holidays together.
Christine tells about her volunteer work with street cats
​I have a really boring administration job, so . I always wanted to do something more meaningful in my life. This is why I took 2-month time-out from my work in march 2017, to volunteer in South America.
Ann about her Internship in Chile
After my high school graduation, it was obvious for me to go abroad to talk Spanish.Added to this was the fact that a commercial internship was required for my desired study programs, why not go abroad, speak Spanish and get to know working life?
Lisa’s two Months in Santiago de Chile
Before my departure to Chile I was very happy but also very excited, because I didn´t know what to expect.
Elisabeth’s second Family in Chile
My experience as an Au Pair in Chile has been a really good one. But let me start at the beginning. When I first started investigating and organizing everything, I was pleasantly surprised that I received such a great support from Chile Inside.
Heidi about Chile Inside
As I had visited Chile before, I already had a good idea about what to expect but my experience with Chile Inside helped me to gain a greater understanding of the culture and working practices in Chile, it also helped me to develop my language skills so that I could communicate easier.
Marlene’s Life in Santiago
Hola. My name is Marlene, I am 18 years old and I have been an Au-Pair in Chile for almost 3 months. My host family consists of a mother, father, 2-year-old girl, and two boys, 4 and 5 years old.
Lisa between Lakes and Volcanoes
Off to the south... but NOT following the sun! That was my slogan when I left for Chile in July. I started in sunny Germany and traveled to rainy Araucaria, the lake and volcano region of Chile.
Gertrud’s Work & Travel in Arica
My time at the Hostel in Arica in February/March 2016 was totally awesome! Both owners - Ross from New Zealand and Beatriz from Arica – about myage and were very nice and relaxed, even though it was high season and there was really a lot of work to do.
Stefan’s second home
In November 2015, my girlfriend Janna and I left for Chile. We went to work as volunteers in Santiago de Chile and at the same time, to get to know this fascinating country. Since my dad is Chilean I have family there whocould help us and answer almost all my questions.
Janna about her eventful Time in Chile
In my opinion, November is the most disgusting month in Germany, so me and my boyfriend Stefan were very lucky because to go to Chile, where November is warm and sunny.
Saskia´s Farm Stay
Those two months that I spend on a Farm were very nice and eventful and I admit I will miss it. I really recommend this project to everyone, which is mainly due to the following:
Marco´s Internship in Santiago
I am extremely happy for the place they found me, as I learnt a lot both in terms of work experience and in terms of my personal relations with Chileans. I worked 2 months for a consultancy company...
Georges Internship in Concepción
At the internship I was warmly received by the young team of five colleagues (two psychologists, a social worker, an occupational therapist, and a drug specialist), who involved me in numerous activities.
Alexis´ valuable Work in Purén
Alexis Bonneschky worked in several assignments for the Department of Education of the Municipality of Purén. Alexis is a German electrician Engineer working in an engineering consultancy company... 2015 Alexis decided to (...) travel to Chile, to combine a holiday stay with activities to support young Chilean students on the path of their educational development.
Pia’s Stay in Chile
​​In early January, I flew to Santiago de Chile to work there as a volunteer. In the airplane I was incredibly excited but also nervous and at times I wanted - coward was I am – to fly back home and cancel my whole stay abroad – thank God I did not!
Emilee shadowing
Regarding my shadowing experience in Santiago, it was terrific. The professionals I shadowed were not only brilliant medical practitioners, but also were incredible teachers.
Michaela helping abandoned Dogs
In March 2014 I began my semester abroad at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago and at the same time I started my volunteer work with dogs. At first I had great concerns about whether everything would fit together in time and if my Spanish would be good enough. These concerns were completely unreasonable.
Tim about two Programs Abroad with Chile Inside
The first weeks I had trouble to understand the people even though I had taken Spanish at school for three years. However, this changed very quickly due to intense language usage and now I can communicate without any problems, so do not give up!
Cornelia’s stay as a Volunteer
I will always remember and I am very thankful for your help! You made me feel secure and I had always a contact person to get in touch with.
Alexandra about Chile Inside
​Even before my trip to Chile I could always turn to Chile Inside with my questions and concerns and was always well advised. After my arrival in Santiago de Chile there was a welcome meeting organized by Chile Inside and during my entire stay in Chile I had the certainty that I could turn to Chile Inside for any problems, which gave me a good and secure feeling.
Laura volunteering at an Orphanage
The beginning was the hardest for me: I first had to get used to dealing with the tías, the way they do things in the orphanage and, of course, the children. The fact there was another volunteer from Switzerland, made things a little easier for me.
Isabelle’s Experience with Children and Country Life
I had great expectations for the next 5 months in a continent completely unknown to me - some of them mixed with fears. How would people be: In my language course? In my house? On the farm? At the kindergarten? - Chileans in general?
Anja working for the Poor
With the help of Chile Inside I did both volunteer work and an internship. First, from August to October 2010, I worked at a school for handicapped children (...) After those two months in Santiago, I made my way to Talca, about 3 hours south of Santiago.
Andreas about his Life in Chile
When my boss offered me to do a 3 months sabbatical, I did not know immediately where to go. I wanted to go to a Spanish-speaking country but not Spain, since this is an easy-to-visit vacation destination. Since I had heard some interesting things about Chile by some Chilean friends, I finally decided to go and see this country for myself. Apart from that, I wanted my abroad stay to be more than a mere vacation, something more intense and benefitting for my CV. This Is why I decided to do an internship in Chile.
Antonia working at a Girl´s Shelter
From September 2009 to February 2010, I spent six months in Chile. Chile Inside organized my voluntary work as well as my accommodation in a shared flat.
Eva’s Working Holiday
I always find it a bit difficult to trust agencies and organizations I only know via the internet. But after the first mail contact with Chile Inside, I felt secure with them and decided to participate in one of their programs. They offered me right what I was looking for and it was easy to sign up. Due to the good information I always knew what to do and even my 100th question was answered reliably and in detail.
Sina working on a touristic Horse Farm
My internship has been wonderful. I was nervous at first because of the communication problems we were having, but I could not have asked for a better place to intern.