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​Travel Health Insurance

​Special adventures need special protection

​We know this - once you have made the decision to travel abroad, the travel bug hits straight away! But over all the excitement you should not forget to think about suitable travel insurance. To participate in our overseas programs, you need at least a travel health insurance to be covered in case of illness or accident. We all hope that you will stay healthy, but there is always a risk that you may need medical assistance during your stay abroad.

So that you can enjoy your adventure abroad carefree, you should also think about Liability Insurance and a Luggage Insurance.

From our experience we know the special needs of our program participants and also know that these can change now and then. So you do not have to worry, we work together with the international insurance provider CareMed and offer you optimal insurance coverage, perfectly tailored to your stay abroad.

​Your “carefree-around-the-world“ options

​1. Mandatory: Travel Health Insurance

How much does it cost? From 0.95 €/day (from 29.45 €/month)
What is included? 

  • ​Costs of out-patient treatment according to physicians’ scale of charges
  • Treatments are refunded in the context of the local rates)
  • Medically prescribed medicines and dressings
  • Pregnancy check-ups and treatment (if pregnancy did not exist at the time of conclusion of contract or subsequent contract)
  • Delivery – after a waiting period of 8 months at time of conclusion of contract
  • Medically prescribed adjuvants following an accident
  • Painkilling dental treatment at 100% per year up to 250 EUR
  • Restoring function of dentures at 50% per year up to 1,000 EUR
  • Transportation to in-patient treatment
  • Cost of in-patient treatment in a shared room
  • Medically required rehabilitation measures
  • Cost of medically required patient’s transportation home (medical repatriation)
  • Repatriation of remains/funeral costs up to 10,000 EUR

​Provides assistance during your journey. Information, advice and support in case of personal emergencies like illness, accident or death as well as the coordination of return trips in case of emergency. The health assistance is available 24 hours a day.

​Get your insurance now:

CareMed Auslandskrankenversicherung

​Get your Au Pair-​Insurance here:

Au Pair Travel Insurance

​2. The add-ons (only available with the "mandatory insurance")
Travel Accident Insurance and Liability Insurance

How much does it cost? From 0.22 €/day (ab 6.82 €/month)
What is included? 

​Provides compensation in case of an insured accident while traveling, which causes a permanent disability or death of the insured person.

  • ​In the event of death 5.000 €
  • ​In case of invalidity 40.000 €
  • ​Rescue costs up to 2.500 €
  • ​Progression in the event of complete invalidity (350%)

Insurance against legal claims by third parties for personal injury and property damage.

  • ​​Personal injuries and damage to property 2,500,000 EUR
  • ​Damage to rented property 25,000 EUR
  • ​Deportation costs 5,000 EUR (own share 10%, minimum of 100 EUR)

​Return trip emergency insurance and Luggage Insurance

How much does it cost? From 0.39 €/day (from 12.09 €/day)
What is included? 

  • ​Return trip due to an emergency 1,000 EUR
  • ​Family reunion benefit 100%

  • ​​Theft/damage to insured person’s luggage 2,000 EUR
  • ​Valuables (e.g. photographic equipment, laptops) 1,000 EUR
  • ​Glasses, hearing aids, mobile phones 250 EUR
  • Damage due to delay in delivery (necessary replacements) 500 EUR

11 good reasons for our insurance

  1. ​Insurance can be concluded fast + convenient online
  2. Valid worldwide (with/without USA and Canada)
  3. Deductible eligible between 0 and 100 EUR
  4. 24h emergency assistance available
  5. Flexible payment methods
  6. Working abroad programs like Work & Travel, Au Pair, Internships and Volunteering are covered
  7. Insurance fullfills requirements for visa application (e.g. J-1 Visa, Schengen-Visa)
  8. Insurance period can be extended on request subject to terms of insurance available at that time. At the moment of extension, preexisting illnesses are not covered.
  9. In case of conclusion of insurance of 12 months or more, insurance coverage in home country is included up to 6 weeks within 1 year.
  10. Insurance premium refund for early return (service fee 15 EUR)
  11. The insurance can be cancelled free of charge before the start date

​Without guarantee! Please note that the above information may not be complete since not the full coverage and terms can be detailed in this short overview. The full scope of the insurance is set out in the insurance policy, the product description and the terms and conditions. This information is available when you hit the bottons above to conclude your insurance.

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