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​Program Combination

Spoiled for choice? Does not have to be!  Combine your favorite programs in Chile

​Experience more and save money!

You can not choose between a volunteer project with children and a work and travel program in a hostel? You would like to make your international experience in Chile as diverse as possible? You want to experience the vastness of Patagonia, but do not want to miss the turbulent life of Santiago de Chile?

No problem! Just combine several programs - and save money!

All our stays abroad in Chile can be combined with each other. So you can, for example, first gain valuable work experience abroad during an internship in Chile's capital Santiago and then sniff fresh air at a Farm Stay. Or you can do two different types of work & travel – for example first working in a hostels in the far north and then travel to the evergreen south of Chile to work for a tour operator - you will experience the absolute contrast in landscapes and for sure you will find that both are absolutely fascinating!

Your creativity knows no limits.

Best of all, if you book several programs in Chile with us, you will receive a discount on the program costs.
See here, how much you will save:

See here how much you can save:

  • 2 programs: save US$ 55
  • 3 programs: save US$ 75
  • ​4 programs: save US$ 165
  • ​5 programs: save US$ 220
  • ​6 programs and more: save US$ 325

​Note: Language courses are excluded from this promotion.

​Do you need help putting together your personal stay abroad in Chile? Just get in touch with us, we will gladly advise you and arrange your Chile adventure together with you.

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