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Farm Stay abroad

What does Farm Stay abroad mean?

The dream of many young people, and of course young at heart, is to spend a while abroad for a reasonable price. This dream can be fulfilled very well with farm work, because food and lodging is released, in return for the work done.

Participants work and live on farms abroad and help in various fields. For farm work, terms such as farmstay, ranchstay, farm work or ranch work are also used. The possibilities with regard to the type of farm are very different. Also, the tasks vary from farm to farm. While working on a farm abroad with Chile Inside you can choose to stay just a few weeks or up to six months.

On farms, there are almost always a lot of animals, unless it is a farm dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of agricultural products. Thus, a farm stay abroad almost always involves the work in the stables and with the animals. Typically, you will find animals such as horses, cattle, cows, sheep, pigs and also birds like Emus, etc.

Far away from the bustle and noise of the city, you can breathe fresh country air and discover untouched nature at a Ranchstay. During a farm work in Chile, you immerse yourself in the authentic country life, get to know the deep-rooted traditions, you improve your Spanish knowledge and you will certainly also learn a lot about yourself. The heartfelt Chileans will help you find your way around the farm everyday and feel comfortable on your farm.

Farm work special - stays abroad with horses

Nothing better than combining your favorite hobby with traveling. Cowboy feeling can be experienced in our farm work with horses. In particular, participants who have riding as a hobby, can combine their passion for horses with a stay abroad. In Chile you have a variety of opportunities to work with horses. However, the horse adventure abroad should not be confused with riding holidays, because on horse farms, the participants must actively tackle and take care of the animals and work in the stable. But riding and caring for the horses is the focus of the work tasks.

Also Farm Stay with horses is a good opportunity to spend a few months abroad even with a small travel budget, because here too the participants work for board and lodging on a farm. In this sense, "Ride and Work" abroad is an absolute dream for riding enthusiasts and horse lovers.

Destination Chile for farm work abroad

Chile, this long, narrow country on the southwestern edge of South America, which gives the impression that it tilts off the map, is a real paradise for a Ranchstay abroad. The beautiful nature and the impressive Andean mountain range in the background form the perfect backdrop for a life in the countryside. Nature lovers and horse enthusiasts will find here a truly fascinating variety of landscapes and a culture in which ranches and horses have always played an important role. In the fertile lake district of the country, agriculture is one of the most important sources of income and further south, in Patagonia, there are huge centuries-old estancias, on which the gauchos drive huge cattle herds with up to 50,000 animals over the beautiful landscapes.

Farm Stay Chile - what opportunities do I have?

In most cases, farm workers travel to Chile to work with horses. Horses are firmly anchored in the traditions and culture of Chile and are kept as livestock, for equestrian sports or just as a passion. There are also a large number of farms that are tourist-oriented. Here people can spend their holidays on the farm and take part in adventurous horseback riding tours through the fascinating landscapes of Chile. At a farm stay in one of these stables, the participants not only take care of the horses and other animals, but also help attending the guests.

In Chile you can do farm work on the following farms:

  • Horse farm
  • Tourist farms
  • Riding stables
  • Breeding farms for horses
  • Courts for equestrian sports (polo horses, jumping horses, racehorses, etc.)
  • Estates
  • Haciendas (tourist or livestock)
  • Dairy farms
  • Livestock husbandry
  • Agriculture and agriculture

Living and working on the farm, accommodation and meals

​​Farm work in Chile always includes accommodation and meals. These services are provided by the farms, in return for the work. Normally the participants live directly on the grounds of the farm. This can either be in the house of the farmer’s family, with the family of the manager of the farm, in a guest house or in a staff house. By living together on the farm, the participants establish close contact with the employees and the farmer’s family and learn a lot about the local culture and way of life. The food is provided in the form of full board, which is taken either together with other employees or the farmer's family, or groceries will be provided for self-cooking.

Participants should have functional Spanish skills to communicate well with the people on the farm. If the Spanish language skills are not sufficient to assure a communication basis, participants can attend a Spanish course in Chile before starting the farm stay. The newly acquired language skills can then be consolidated in everyday life on the farm and further expanded. A Spanish language course in the destination country is also a great way to spend a bit of time getting used to the different culture, mentality and language before going to the farm. In a language course abroad, you will meet like-minded people and find new friends very quickly, which will make your stay abroad even more exciting and diversified!

The tasks on the farm are as varied as the farms themselves. It is important that farm work is not confused with farm holidays. Often hard physical work and a high degree of self-motivation and proactivity are expected. The tasks may include the care and feeding of the horses, stable work, field and garden work as well as sowing and harvesting. The pastures and stables of the animals must be maintained, and the horses must be prepared for riding trips. Milking or shearing may also be a part of livestock farming.

Participants who choose Farm Stay in Chile have the unique opportunity to see Chile from a different perspective. After this time abroad, you can be sure to return to your home country with an eerily inspired feeling, because you have again drawn energy for new things and were able to broaden your personal horizon and understanding of the world.

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