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Working Holiday in Chile

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You dream of living and working abroad for a while, but you do not know exactly how to tackle it? Or maybe you just want to take a break and "unsubscribe from everyday life" for a while? Then you should read on here in any case!

Our Working Holiday or Work & Travel programs are suitable for participants of all ages and professional backgrounds. It does not matter if you have just graduated from high school, are in the middle of college, or are already at work and need time off. Due to the short minimum duration of only four weeks, it is even possible to accommodate a Work & Travel stay in Chile on a regular holiday.

Working Holiday with Chile Inside offers you the opportunity to get to know the country and its people first hand, to deepen your knowledge of Spanish and work for your stay. Although you get no salary, free food and lodging (breakfast or half-board or full-board) are provided by your program place.

Many of our Work & Travel jobs in Chile are organized in the tourism industry, so you also have the opportunity to explore great landscapes from a different perspective and to get first-hand insider tips. Many tourism agencies we work with give our work & travelers the opportunity to participate in the preparation and execution of tours or to give service to tourists. You will have the chance to discover some of the most beautiful regions of Chile for free!
In terms of tourism, Chile is truly an incredibly diverse and multifaceted country. From the driest desert on earth in the north to the eternal ice and millennia-old trees in the south, you will find a wide range of different landscapes and climates, all with unique attractions. Particularly popular with travelers to Chile are the many national parks and the approximately 2,800 miles long coastline.

Our Working Holiday jobs are spread all over the country, from the extreme north to deep Patagonia. Program places are available in the mountains, at the seaside, in major cities, on idyllic lakes and in the desert.

Work & Travel in Chile is also a great way to refresh your Spanish. Even Spanish beginners can take part, but they must start the program with a Spanish course at one of our 4 language school locations in Chile to ensure good communication in Spanish at the workplace.

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