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Sprachkurs in Pichilemu

Spanish Course in Pichilemu

Pichilemu is located 3.5 hours southeast from Chile's capital, Santiago. Although the town is known for its deep huaso (cowboy) culture, it is most famous for its spectacular beaches that feature ideal waves for both beginner and advanced surfers. In addition to surfing, guests can spend time mountain biking, kayaking, learning to kite surf, doing yoga, horseback riding, and visiting nearby farms, artisans, and wineries.

Pichilemu is still considered to be off the typical tourism trail in Chile. Primarily, it has been a summer tourist resort for Chileans that want to escape the inland heat in January and February. As a result, summertime is packed, but offseason times offer many accommodation options. Pichilemu holds onto many of its cultural traditions, something that is rarely seen in other parts of Chile. Huaso culture is prominent, and includes actual cowboys in ponchos and square hats that roam the dirt roads. In addition, school children often participate in traditional dance competitions, which features a dance style that is referred to as "Cueca". Despite the deep "campesino" traditions, Pichilemu is becoming increasingly modernized. Every year, international big-wave surf competitions happen in the city during the summer months, and several other regional and national surf competitions occur throughout the year.

The Spanish school is located in the very center of Pichilemu at walking distance from the beach. Close to the school you will find a variety of cafés, restaurants, take aways and internet cafés.

The comfortable "patio" of the school and the nearby park invite to have lunch in the shade of the trees and the relaxing ambience invite to rest your mind after the Spanish classes. The class rooms of the Spanish school in Pichilemu are located on the third floor of a modern building. They offer an amazing view on the ocean, the headlands and the historic town center. The roof terrace is used as chill-out area and is equipped with sunbeds, chairs and tables. In the comfortable reception you will find an area for studying, having coffee, exchanging books and watching movies.

The Spanish school in Pichilemu was founded in 2005 with the objective of building a quality language school outside the capital Santiago de Chile. With its wonderful location at the seaside Pichilemu is indeed a very attractive alternative to the capital for learning Spanish. With South America Inside you can even combine your Spanish study in Santiago and Pichilemu. If you want to stay in both locations we are happy to arrange that for you.

The majority of the Spanish students come from North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. You will see that studying together with other globetrotters is even more fun!

The school also works as an English language learning facility for Chileans. The mixture of foreign language students and locals studying at the same school is conducive to cross-cultural exchanges and furthers your interest in the language of "the other".

Pichilemu offers a wide range of spare time activities from which you can choose to benefit a maximum from your stay. The Spanish school in Pichilemu can organize a lot of different activities as for example surf and kite courses. Beside the typical beach and water sports you can engage in other types of outdoor activities or discover Pichilemu's cultural offerings. At the weekend you can visit one of the world famous wineries or a national park; you can go horseback riding or take a trip to the famous town of Valparaiso, Viña del Mar or the country's capital Santiago. Besides, the school organizes yoga classes and can help you rent street and mountain bikes so you can discover the amazing surroundings on your own.

Being a hotspot of the international surf scene Pichilemu offers a great variety of nice bars, night clubs and restaurants. During the summer months from December to March Pichilemu hosts a number of famous surf competitions.

All of our Spanish teachers hold a university degree and have at least a two year experience of teaching Spanish as a foreign language in average. Speaking, text writing and oral as well as textual understanding are taught using workbooks and through various exercise activities. The school combines different teaching methods and attaches a great importance on applying the acquired knowledge outside the classroom. While instructors know English they only speak Spanish during class. During coffee breaks, teachers encourage students to have conversations with their classmates in Spanish.

One big advantage of this language school is that group sizes are small. Classes have a maximum of 5 students and are divided into 5 different levels (beginners up to advanced). Knowledge and understanding of Spanish are assessed through a small test taken on the first day of class. You have the possibility of booking private lessons or a special Spanish and surf course package.

The Spanish courses take place throughout the whole year and always begin on Mondays. Starting date and duration of the course can be fixed individually and there are no deadlines for inscription. Please keep in mind that you have to book a minimum of 2 weeks course. The participants can choose between:

  Group Course:
It consists of 15 lessons per week (60 minutes each) and has a maximum of 5 students in each class to guarantee individual attention and fast learning progress. A minimum of 2 students are necessary in order for the class to take place. Should this not be the case you will get 10 weekly lessons per week of Private Course.

  Private Course:
It consists of 15 one-on-one lessons per week (60 minutes each). In these lessons, the material is tailored to the student's abilities and expectations allowing the teacher to adapt each lesson to the student's individual learning speed and needs.
*Please note that the Private Course can be combined with the Group Course.

  Spanish & Surf Course:
Pichilemu offers you the unique opportunity to combine Spanish classes with a Surf course. This beautiful beach town is very renowned for its perfect surf conditions (for beginners as much as for professionals). Our offer Spanish & Surf consists of 15 weekly Spanish lessons in the Group Course and 5 surf lessons per week. The instructors have a lot of experience in teaching surf. This package covers the surf equipment as well. Spanish lessons are taken in the morning and in the afternoon you can completely switch off on the surf board.

The best way to learn the language and the culture of your host country is to live with a local family. This is why we accommodate our Spanish students in Chilean host family during your stay in Pichilemu. The host families are carefully selected and commit to integrate their host in their daily life. Families host the student in a single room (double rooms available on request) and you have access to the common rooms of the house to share time with your host family.

The accommodation with a host family includes breakfast, lunch and a snack in the early evening. The families all live at walking distance to your language school.

For students who want to be more independent, we can arrange accommodation in a hostel in a single room. There are no meals provided, but you can use the kitchen facilities to prepare your own meals.

The Spanish courses in Pichilemu include:
  High quality Spanish course
  Teaching material
  Evaluation test
  Tea and coffee during the class breaks
  Spare time activity calendar (activities might have an extra charge)
  Language certificate at the end of the course
  Free internet access at the Spanish school
  Single room with Host Family and 3 meals per day (if accommodation was booked)
  Single room in Hostel with kitchen access (if accommodation was booked)
  Program handbook Chile
  Single room in Hostel with kitchen access(no board)
  Contact person and on-site support in Chile
  24/7-emergency number


Program / duration 2
Group Course
(15 hrs / week)
390 USD 585 USD 780 USD 180 USD
Private Course
(15 hrs / week)
590 USD 885 USD 1.180 USD 270 USD
Surf Course
(5 hrs / week)
340 USD 490 USD 650 USD 160 USD
Host Family
560 USD 840 USD 1,120 USD 270 USD
(no meals)
370 USD 550 USD 730 USD 190 USD

Enrollment fee 70 USD.

Extra Service:

Airport Pick-up*
(Santiago - Busterminal)
35 USD
(one way)

*The airport pick-up (if booked) will take you from the airport in Santiago to the bus terminal in Santiago. From there, buses to Pichilemu leave every day.


  Courses take place from Monday to Friday
  The Group Course always starts on Monday
  The Group Course consists of 15 group lessons per week
  The Private Course consists of 15 lessons per week
  One lesson in any of the courses lasts 60 minutes
  All Group Courses are expected to have a minimum of 3 students per class. In case there are just 1 or 2
   students, class hours will be reduced by 50%.
  The Surf Course takes place in the afternoons
  The surf equipment can be used in your free time as well
  Accommodations take place in a single room (double room on request) with a Chilean host family
  Check-in accommodation Sunday before the course starts. Check-out Saturday after the course has ended
   (extra days can be booked!)


Holidays 2018:
Jan 01, Mar 30, May 01, May 21, Jul 02, Jul 16, Aug 15, Sept 18 + 19, Oct 15, Nov 01, Nov 02, Dec 08, Dec 25. Classes will not be rescheduled.

How to enroll?
You want to learn Spanish in Chile? To enroll for the Spanish course in Pichilemu, please download the registration form and complete it accurately following the instructions on the first page.
Send it then to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your contact person at the office of Chile Inside.

How are students assigned to the right language course?
Before starting a language course in Pichilemu, each new language student takes a placement test. This test must be taken on the first day of school before the course starts. Based on this test, students are evaluated regarding their language skills and are assigned to the right group. In case a student wishes to take private lessons, the test helps the Spanish school determine the right course material.

Does the language school also offer leisure activities?
One of the main attractions of Pichilemu are certainly the waves! Pichilemu is known worldwide as one of the best surfing destinations in South America. The leisure activities are mostly about the beach, the ocean and surfing. The language schools, however, also offer other kinds of activities, for example cooking classes, dance lessons, yoga, etc. The weekend activities are generally day trips to the town’s close surroundings and include visits to places such as vineyards, coastal towns, national parks, museums, etc. In addition, the schools offer outdoor sports activities (rafting, hiking, etc.).

Will I receive a certificate from the school upon completion of the course?
Yes, upon completion of the course, the Spanish school in Pichilemu will issue a certificate stating the level achieved.

What kind of insurance do I need for my stay abroad?
In order to participate in our exchange programs, you need to at least take out travel health insurance. This is important as it will cover you against every possible case of illness or accident. For this purpose, we cooperate with STA Travel, with whom we have negotiated special rates. Chile Inside and STA Travel offer various advantages, the biggest of which is overall insurance coverage (illness, accident, third party liability, and baggage) for a reduced monthly fee. For more information read here.

What should I do if I have a problem?
In the unlikely event that you experience problems during your stay in Chile, we are available to provide assistance. No matter whether you encounter these problems in your language course or whether they are of a different nature, we are always happy to help. You will find our 24-hour emergency number on your reservation confirmation. It ensures that we are reachable also outside office hours.

Where will I be staying?
Our Spanish students in Pichilemu stay with a Chilean host family. Unless requested otherwise, you will be allocated a single room (double rooms are available upon special request for friend or couples traveling together). The accommodation with the host family also includes full-board.

Will I have access to internet where I’m staying?
Many of our homestays in Pichilemu have Internet access (WIFI). In case you unexpectedly don’t have access to the internet, you can use the Internet at the Spanish school in Pichilemu and there are also various internet cafes in town.

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