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Spanish Course in Pucón

The small town of Pucón is located about 800 kilometers (500 miles) south of Chile’s capital, Santiago. Pucón is known as the “The Gate to Patagonia”, and is one of the touristic hotspots of Chile. Situated by the lovely Lake Villarrica, Pucón is a very popular destination among both national and international travelers. During the summer season (November - April), it is an especially popular destination, and thousands of tourists flock to the Chilean lake district for vacation.

Pucón is the ideal place for those who love adventures as well as those who simply want to relax and enjoy nature. The small town offers countless hiking trails, national parks with breathtaking nature, deep forests, mountain rivers, outdoor-sports like horse-back riding, rafting, mountain biking, canopy tours, kayaking, volcanoes climbs, watersports on the lake, skiing in the winter, or simply the option to hang out on the amazing beaches of Lake Villarrica.

In addition to its wide range of activities during the day, Pucón’s nightlife is also quite noteworthy. Fancy bars and clubs, delicious restaurants, and a casino are the perfect places to finish off an exciting day in Pucón.

Our school in Pucón, the adventure and outdoor tourism capital in Chile, is located only two blocks away from the main street, Avenida O'Higgins. This small school was founded in 1999 by several Spanish language teachers. The founders of the school have developed excellent teaching methods in the many successful years of the school’s existence.

The school building is in the center of the city and the students can easily reach shops, bars, restaurants, tour operators, supermarket and of course the beach of the Lake Villarrica. The Spanish school is equipped with 6 classrooms, a cozy patio and a business center with Internet access.

The teachers are all native Spanish speakers and enjoy teaching their language to foreign students and introducing them to the Chilean culture. Before long students notice how easily they can form sentences and communicate efficiently in Spanish.

The staff of the Spanish school values the familiar and intimate atmosphere. They put much emphasis on offering lessons that are personalized and flexible. The school offers private lessons allowing the students sufficient time to study Spanish and explore the beautiful countryside of Pucón. With this arrangement, students adapt the classes to their schedule leaving plenty of time to participate in the unlimited outdoor activities.

The school offers primarily private classes for one or two students at a time. The classes focus on learning grammar and improving listening comprehension and oral communication through various exercises.

Courses are divided into 6 different proficiency levels: Beginner A1, A2, Intermediate B1, B2, Advanced C1, C2). The teaching material will be defined after a short oral evaluation test on the first day of school.

All of the teachers are native Spanish speakers and have extensive experience teaching Spanish as a second language respecting the specific needs of each student. The course material used has been created by the school and each student is also given additional material to study outside of class.

The lessons in Pucón are taught year-round, from Monday to Saturday beginning on any of these days. Students schedule classes to take place on any five days of the week allowing for free time on the sixth day to travel and enjoy the unique nature around Pucón. Each lesson lasts 60 minutes and students can reserve two to three lessons per day.

The Spanish school in Pucón focuses on two different types of courses. They offer mainly private courses or semi-private courses for two people (must be two people traveling together with the same level of Spanish). Both courses consist of ten (10) to fifteen (15) lessons per week. Each lesson lasts 60 minutes and can be scheduled flexibly from Monday to Saturday.

The courses are divides into two parts: a beginner and an advanced level. In the beginner level, students are taught grammar and basic communication is practiced. The advanced level expands on students’ existing skills by eliminating weaknesses, improving listening comprehension and building on oral communication skills using texts, exercises and role playing.

The friendly atmosphere in the language school and in Pucón ensures that each student is content. The highly qualified teachers make it easy for students to improve their Spanish knowledge. A course in Pucón is the best way to prepare for any adventure trip to Patagonia.

An important part of our Spanish course in Pucón is the comfortable accommodation. We arrange for our students to stay in the homes of carefully selected Chilean host families. This allows students to get known the Chilean familiar customs. You will have your own single room and access to the common areas of the home in order to integrate in the family and practice your language skills. The accommodations include full board with three traditional Chilean meals each day.

Our Chilean host families are very hospitable and will welcome you warmly into their home. For most of the foreign students, the stay with the host family made the Spanish program in Pucón an unforgettable experience. The friendly atmosphere in the language school and in Pucón ensures that each student is content. The highly qualified teachers make it easy for students to improve their Spanish knowledge. A course in Pucón is the best way to prepare for any adventure trip to Patagonia.

The Spanish courses in Pucon include:
  Contact person in Chile
  Useful information about Chile
  Informative manual about your stay in Chile
  Free internet access at the school
  Teaching materials
  Language evaluation test
  Coffee and tea during the class breaks
  Extracurricular cultural activities
  Language course completion certificate
  24/7 emergency number


Program / duration 2
Private Course I
(10 hrs / week)
500 USD 750 USD 1,000 USD 250 USD
Private Course II
(15 hrs / week)
630 USD 945 USD 1,260 USD 315 USD
Semi-Private Course I
(10 hrs / week)
440 USD 660 USD 880 USD 220 USD
Semi-Private Course II
(15 hrs / week)
520 USD 780 USD 1,040 USD 260 USD
Accommodation Single
630 USD 945 USD 1,260 USD 315 USD


Extra Service:

Airport Pickup*
(Santiago - Busterminal)
35 USD
(one way)

*The airport pick-up (if booked) will take you from the airport (SCL) to the bus terminal in Santiago. From there, buses to Pucon leave every day.

  Courses take place from Monday to Friday
  The Private or Semi-Private Course consists of 10 or 15 lessons per week
  The Semi-Private Course is a course of two students enrolling together with the same Spanish level
  Each lesson lasts 60 minutes
  Accommodation is a single room with a host family including 3 meals / day
  Accommodation prices for one week include: Check-in before course start on Sunday and check-out at the
   end of the course on Saturday


Holidays 2018:
Jan 01, Mar 30, May 01, May 21, Jul 02, Jul 16, Aug 15, Sept 18 + 19, Oct 15, Nov 01, Nov 02, Dec 08, Dec 25. Classes will be rescheduled.

How to enroll?
To enroll for the Spanish course in Pucón, please download the registration form and complete it accurately following the instructions on the first page. Please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your contact person at the office of Chile Inside.

How are students assigned to the right language course?
In Pucón, it is only possible to take private lessons or lessons for two. Nonetheless, each language student still needs to take a placement test before starting a course. The test helps the school determine the right course material.

Where are the other language students from?
The school in Pucón is very small and can only receive a limited number of students. The language students represent a diverse range of nationalities, typically originating from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the USA, Canada or Brazil.

Does the language school also offer leisure activities?
Pucón is one of the most popular tourist attractions and therefore offers a wide range of leisure activities. There are many agencies that offer half-day or full-day excursions (rafting, hiking, horseback riding, boating, kayaking, sailing, surfing, canopying, mountain biking, thermal baths, volcano climbing etc.). Due to this wide range of activities, the schools hardly organize any leisure activities. However, language students in Pucón never get bored!

Will I receive a certificate from the school upon completion of the course?
Yes, upon completion of the Spanish course, the language school in Pucón will issue a certificate stating the level achieved.

What kind of insurance do I need for my stay abroad?
In order to participate in our exchange programs, you need to at least take out travel health insurance. This is important as it will cover you against every possible case of illness or accident. For this purpose, we cooperate with STA Travel, with whom we have negotiated special rates. Chile Inside and STA Travel offer various advantages, the biggest of which is overall insurance coverage (illness, accident, third party liability, and baggage) for a reduced monthly fee. For more information read here.

What should I do if I have a problem?
In the unlikely event that you experience problems during your stay in Chile, we are available to provide assistance. No matter whether you encounter these problems in your language course or whether they are of a different nature, we are always happy to help. You will find our 24-hour emergency number on your reservation confirmation. It ensures that we are reachable also outside office hours.

Where will I be staying?
Our Spanish students in Pucón stay with carefully selected Chilean host family. Unless requested otherwise, you will be allocated a single room (double rooms are available upon special request for friend or couples traveling together). The accommodation also includes three meals per day (full-board).

Will I have access to internet where I’m staying?
Many homestays in Pucón provide Internet access (WIFI). In case you don’t have access to the internet, you can use the Internet access at the Spanish school in Pucón and there are various internet cafes in town as well.

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