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New Volunteer Project: Environmental Protection in Santiago de Chile

  ​27. February 2020  

You would like to go for the Volunteering adventure, but do not know exactly where and what? You like to be active, be in contact with nature, learn about South American flora and fauna, but you are not sure if you want to live for several months in a remote area?

Then, our new partner project might be just the right choice for you. You can be in the midst of nature without giving up the benefits of a big city: Volunteer in South America´s largest city park, the green lung of Santiago de Chile!

The "Parque Metropolitano" on and around the hill "Cerro San Cristóbal" covers over 700 (!!!) hectares in the middle of the capital! The park offers numerous hiking trails, playgrounds, two large swimming pools, mountain bike trails, a zoo, several themed gardens, a cable car and a funicular, picnic and barbecue areas and large areas of forest and bush.

The viewing platforms on the summit offer a great view over the city and the Andes and thus are are a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Many Santiaguinos take on the sporting challenge of cycling up the mountain or jogging up the hill ... others just come for a family picnic on the weekend. Since the park is very centrally located, it is also easily accessible by subway, bus and taxi.

Due to the enormous size of 700 hectares, there is always a lot to do in the park, so much that even the several hundred permanent employees barely comply. The cable car and funicular are frequently used by foreign tourists, some of whom do not speak Spanish. So, volunteers who like contact with people and bring language skills (such as English, German, Portuguese, and others) are very welcome.

The park is not only important for tourism, but crucial for the general well-being of the city. Especially in winter, the air quality can be poor and a green lung is urgently needed. Volunteers with a hands-on mentality are needed for maintaining trails, pruning plants, reforestation, watering and growing new plants, to name just some of the possible tasks.

Last but not least, environmental education plays an increasingly important role in Santiago. In recent years, environmental awareness has developed strongly and the focus is on teaching today's children the basics of being responsible with the environment and achieving a better quality of life in Santiago in the long term. Volunteers who are fond of children and teaching can engage in environmental education activities the park offers in collaboration with schools.

You see, there´s something for everybody in this wonderful project - you do not even have to decide immediately and you can also try out several areas. You can be in contact with nature and at the same time enjoy the benefits of a dazzling metropolis: gastronomy, culture, sports and much more are just around the corner - and of course lots of interesting people!

Just want to pack and go now? - Contact us, we will be happy to organize your stay abroad in Chile - volunteering in Santiago de Chile and, if necessary, also a Spanish course in Chile - in Santiago or in one of our other language schools, so you can get to know another part of this beautiful long country! We are looking forward to your contact!

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