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New Volunteer Project: Pure Nature in Patagonia

  ​15. October 2019  

We are very happy to be able to offer a new volunteer project in southern Chile for nature lovers and adventurers: volunteer work in a stunning Nature Park in Patagonia. The 3000 hectare nature reserve was funded by a private initiative. It lies about 3 hours by car and ferry from the nearest big city and 11 km from the nearest village in a fairytale-like beautiful, almost untouched landscape of jungle, lakes, clear rivers and beautiful mountains.

The best way to make this magical piece of land accessible to the public is via a controlled ecotourism project. This is where our project partners, the operators of the park, come in. Tourists are invited to come, but nature is always in the foreground. Only a limited number of guests can stay at the same time, so capacity is never exceeded and the natural course of things will not be disturbed. In the information center, tourists learn about the biodiversity of the park and how to leave as little traces as possible.

The existing hiking trails cover a total of 18 km and 700 meters in altitude. That does not sound like much at first, but considering the nature of the terrain, it can be a challenge to hike them all. Hikers can choose between accommodation in simple mountain huts in the middle of the park or a more comfortable lodge on the edge of the park. Another great way to explore this little paradise is by kayaking, as the area borders the Tagua-Tagua Lake, which is connected by a river to the Reloncaví Fjord. There are countless options for outdoor fans here!

If you want a break from hectic everyday life, time to find yourself, if you would like to experience nature with all its force and submit to its rhythm and want to prove your physical fitness, this volunteer project is the right place for you. You can live in one of the most beautiful and pristine places in Chile and actively contribute to its preservation.

There is a vast variety of tasks for volunteers in the Park: as a tour guide for visitors, doing maintenance of hiking trails and mountain huts, in the information center, working in the forest, to mention just a few.

You should be aware that the project is located in a very remote place away from "civilization", so sometimes it can be unusually quiet and lonely – but on the other side this is exactly why it is so marvellous.

If you are ready to embark on this adventure, we look forward to seeing you! Contact us and we will organize your volunteer service in pure nature! We are also happy to organize an your Spanish course in one of our language schools in Chile, before joining the park staff.

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