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What does Volunteering abroad mean?
Many people, especially young people, may ask themselves why volunteering abroad? Of course, it is more comfortable to travel the world as a mere tourist. Nevertheless, participating in a stay abroad is really something very special and not at all comparable to holidays.
What does Working Holiday mean?
With a working holiday (also called work and travel), many young people fulfill their dream of living abroad for a while and exploring foreign countries, cultures and languages. Especially after finishing school, many young people want a gap year abroad before they start to worry about future studies and jobs.
What does Au Pair mean?
Hello! Welcome to our Au Pair Guide! An Au Pair program in a Spanish-speaking country is a great opportunity to experience the culture and language first hand and up close.
What does Internship abroad mean?
An internship abroad is an investment in your future. For the professional career, it is immensely valuable to have work experience abroad, e.g. in the form of an internship. The experience abroad will open your horizon and allow you to grow personally.
What does Farm Stay mean?
The dream of many young people, and of course young at heart, is to spend a while abroad for a reasonable price. This dream can be fulfilled very well with farm work, because food and lodging is released, in return for the work done. Participants work and live on farms abroad and help in various fields.
What does Language Travel mean?
A language trip is a stay abroad with the aim of learning or improving a foreign language. We live in a globalized world in which the exchange between cultures is becoming increasingly important. On a language trip you learn another language the fastest and most efficient way.