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8 good reasons, why you should go abroad

​1. You escape your daily routine!

​A stay abroad assures you one thing: You escape your daily routine! And, we guarantee you that your stay abroad in Chile will not be the same as your everyday life at home. Rather, new adventures and a unique life experience are waiting for you! Going abroad is a great opportunity to gain new perspectives and make frist-hand experiences.

​2. You learn a lot about yourself!

​During your time abroad in South America, you will need to deal with new situations. Sometimes you will have to find a solution, you even may end up with your wisdom and perhaps you reach your limits. But more than a problem, these situations are great opportunities to get to know yourself better and to grow beyond yourself. Through new challenges you will develop skills that you did not even know you had them.

​3. You will learn a new language!

Language skills in today's globalized world are an important asset. English is still the universe language but be carefull, Spanish is getting closer as one of the most important languages in the world! Languge skills serve as door opener, both privately and in the business world. Even if you do not speak Spanish yet, it should not stop you from going abroad to South America. Before you start working abroad, you can take part in a language study trip on-site in order to get the necessary Spanish skills. Take advantage of your stay abroad and learn a foreign language where it is lived and spoken! There are 6 different Spanish school locations in Chile available with Chile Inside.

​4. You invest in your future!

​A stay abroad is always an investment in your future. For your professional career and personal growth, it is extremely valuable to refer to experiences abroad. A work and life experience in a foreign country will let you grow and learn. An experience abroad can also open doors when applying for your dream job since you proves to have the so-called "soft skills" and "intercultural competences". Today, HR is looking for candidates who have acquired social and intercultural skills through international work and life experience.

​5. You are doing yourself something good!

​Dare yourself to get out of your comfort zone and into the adventure! Going abroad helps you to get new energy, to see new things, to walk new paths and to make new life experiences. Especially in those moments of life when decisions need to be made or when you are to start a new live stagen, a stay abroad in South America can help you see things in a different light. Get involved in a new adventure, broaden your horizons and learn from other cultures.

​6. You really get to know South America!

​Our motto is: Be more than a mere tourist! With a stay abroad with Chile Inside you won't walk the beaten tracks. You will not get to know your host country as a conventional tourist, but dive deeper into the culture and way of life of the local people.

​7. You have an unforgettable time!

​Going abroad is an absolutely unforgettable and life-changing experience, that nobody can take away from you. All the new friends you make, the amazing places you can visit, the vibrant cities you can discover, the places of interest you can explore and the breathtaking nature all around. You will love Chile and internalize the culture and language. Your stay abroad in Chile will surely be remembered for a long time!

​8. You contribute to international understanding

We definitively live in a globalized world where the dependency, but also the cooperation of different countries, cultures and religions becomes ever stronger. Only those who learn to talk, work or live with people from other countries and cultures will be able to build bridges of tolerance and will overcome boundaries. International understanding is becoming more and more important in today's global world. The goal is to reduce prejudices and promote a peaceful coexistence of societies through understanding and intercultural exchange. Every stay abroad is extremely valuable to broaden your horizons and contribute to a positive international understanding. Especially in youth travel, this positive effect is very pronounced.