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What are the monkeys doing in Chile?

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Monkeys in Chile? Isn’t Chile the country of guanacos, llamas, ñandus and condors? In addition, sea lions, pelicans, penguins and whales ... True. These animals are at home in Chile. Nevertheless, there is a project in our program, where you can take care of monkeys in a special shelter for primates.


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Genuinely Chilean: Carmenere Wine

Chile sewell


Some of the best wine growing regions are renowned for a specific grape variety. Thanks to a historical accident, Chile has its own a first-class genuine specialty:


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Celebrating "18"


During the entire week surrounding September 18th, Chileans celebrate their greatest national holiday.
Celebrations can be seen all over Chile, and it’s impossible to miss seeing the national dance “Cueca” or to avoid trying their traditional foods like empanadas, grilled meats, wine, and the famous “terremoto”, a sweet cocktail containing wine and pineapple ice cream. Celebrations also include rodeos, which have special rules in Chile: Competitors do not ride cattle, but catch it with a lasso...

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Excursion to Sewell

Chile sewell


Are you still looking for an interesting and special weekend trip near Santiago? Then you should by no means miss the city of Sewell.


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New immigration law in Chile

Nueva Ley inmigracion Chile


In recent years, immigration to Chile has increased dramatically, The large increase of immigrants (especially also illegal immigrants) has created serious problems in Chile, such as the precarious housing situation of many immigrants and high unemployment, as many foreigners have problems finding work in Chile, especially when they speak no or only very little Spanish.


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