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National Holiday on the 16th of July - what is celebrated?

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Monday, July 16th, is a holiday here in Chile. While everyone is looking forward to the long weekend and some surely are already planning to use the weekend for a short trip, most people probably do not even know what is celebrated this day.


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Excursion to Sewell

Chile sewell


Are you still looking for an interesting and special weekend trip near Santiago? Then you should by no means miss the city of Sewell.


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New immigration law in Chile

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In recent years, immigration to Chile has increased dramatically, The large increase of immigrants (especially also illegal immigrants) has created serious problems in Chile, such as the precarious housing situation of many immigrants and high unemployment, as many foreigners have problems finding work in Chile, especially when they speak no or only very little Spanish.


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This article will ease your start in Chile´s vibrant capital

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 Read this article and get some advices for your stay in Santiago de Chile 


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Chile Inside is now a member of the International Au-Pair Association

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 Read more about what means our IAPA membership


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