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​Alexis' valuable work in Purén

​  Internship 2015  

​Alexis Bonneschky worked in several assignments for the Department of Education of the Municipality of Purén. Alexis is German and lives in the town of Eppstein close to Frankfurt. He is graduated in the field of electrical engineering. Usually, he is working in an engineering consultancy company and many times he is involved in power plants’ planning projects all over the world. He spent several holidays and/or working periods in Chile. For example, his team was responsible for concept studies regarding the power supply of the ESO-Alma-Observatory not far away from San Pedro de Atacama.

For the 2nd quarter of 2015 Alexis decided to use parts of an unpaid leave to travel to Chile again aiming to combine a holiday stay with activities to support young Chilean students on the path of their educational development. He contacted the Santiago office of the agency Chile Inside asking for possibilities to realize these plans.
Main expectations regarding the general scope of work fit together on both sides. No sooner said than done. On 5th of April Alexis arrived in Purén, took up quarters in a hostel, and finally started working in the Department of Education (DoE).

The assignment was structured into the three work packages:

  1. Support for the development of curriculum in terms of restructuring the education of high school students of a Chilean secondary school towards a secondary technical vocational school;
  2. Participation in teaching English in primary and secondary schools of the town and in rural schools of the region; as well as;
  3. Detailed planning of measures for the use of renewable energy sources as well as measurement and control technologies in the context of a sustainable development.

    During the English lessons a very interesting exchange with a lot of students of primary and secondary schools in and around Purén could be established. Alexis introduced for instance topics regarding Germany’s countryside, economy and people’s lifestyle. Students presented their town, talked about favorite activities during spare time, and depicted specific features of different cultural aspects.
    A series of activities in the frame of educational development initiated by the Municipality of Purén are currently realized by the staff of DoE.

    “Beside the assignment of restructuring of the secondary school construction projects for new schools in two Mapuche villages are on the way. In the case of the school in Huitranlebu the project also considers the extension of the existing plant-growing fields by a new greenhouse.
    In close collaboration with the responsible architect and the environmental engineer Alexis planned the application of solar energy and measurements system to expand the scope of future student’s education towards to a sustainable use of natural resources.

    However, beside some interesting work it should not be hidden that Alexis gained additional experience in his spare time. He visited San Juan Bautista de Purén, Lebu the capital of Arauco Province in Bío Bío Region, Angol the capital of the Malleco Province, Lumaco, Contulmo and several campos areas. Alexis would like to thank for the fruitful cooperation all employees and associated of the DoE, as well as every hardworking teacher in Purén and surroundings. Special thanks to Alejandro and his “polola” Caro.

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