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​Eva´s Working Holiday

​  Working Holiday 2009  

I always find it a bit difficult to trust agencies and organizations I only know via the internet. But after the first mail contact with Chile Inside, I felt secure with them and decided to participate in one of their programs. They offered me right what I was looking for and it was easy to sign up. Due to the good information I always knew what to do and even my 100th question was answered reliably and in detail. That put aside all my doubts and I began to look forward to my stay in Chile.

My time at the language school in Santiago de Chile was great. I met a lot of young people, although of course we did not just speak Spanish together, we had a lot of fun and of course also explored Santiago by night. In a large, guided group this is much safer and of course easier. Of course, I also improved my Spanish skills, which were very useful during my time in Chile. I was already able to talk to Chileans when I arrived and then improved my Spanish.

Chile Inside complied with my requirements regarding my stay, I chose when and where to do which program. After the language course, I spent a month traveling throughout Chile before I started work.

I had not really imagined what a working holiday would be like, so I arrived without much expectations and was totally positively surprised. The atmosphere in the hostel where I worked was great, I quickly learned the work and had a contact person who tutored me.

I really enjoyed working in the hostel for free food and lodging, having countless opportunities to chat with the travelers, hearing many stories, telling stories, and over time I was able to answer most of the questions about the city and the surrounding area and make recommendations as well.

Since I also lived in the hostel, it felt like home after a short time and I often did joined the guests: we went out or just cooked together or made a movie night or -afternoon.

Now I am back home and looking back I can say that the whole stay in Chile was educational, exciting and unforgettable.

(Evas' report was translated from German, look here for the original post.)

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