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General Terms & Conditions of Chile Inside SpA

1. VALIDITY: The General Terms and Conditions are valid for the entire duration of the business relationship between the Client and Chile Inside. The entire duration refers to the whole organization of the program and when the Client is carrying out the program. If the Client does not comply with the Terms and Conditions of Chile Inside, Chile Inside has the right, at its sole discretion, to immediately remove the Client from the entire program, or any part of it, without compensating or refunding any money.

2. RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CLIENT: The Client shall respect the general customs and legislation of the host country, and shall follow the instructions and program rules given by the representatives responsible for the program. Any contrary behavior of the Client that might affect the performance of the program, reputation of Chile Inside, representatives responsible for the program, or accommodations’ hosts, may lead to immediate dismissal from the program without any form of compensation or refund at the sole discretion of Chile Inside. The Client is also responsible for maintaining good overall health so he or she can carry out the tasks demanded by the program and acting in an appropriate, respectful manner towards local people, fellow travelers, program participants, staff, and others in accordance with the customs, laws, regulations, and ordinances of the host country. In the application, the Client must disclose any previous or existing medical conditions that he or she has or has had, including depression, eating disorders, and other disabilities. Any medical conditions arising after the application process must also be disclosed to Chile Inside prior to the program’s commencement. Chile Inside reserves the right to refuse an application based on these disclosures or to cancel or terminate an application and/or program without refund if false information has been supplied, or it is found out that information has not been disclosed. Chile Inside is not held responsible for the administration or monitoring of any medication.

3. PROGRAM: Successful participation in a program requires at least an intermediate level of Spanish language skills. If the Client fails to have sufficient Spanish skills to carry out the program, he or she may be required to take additional language courses at his or her own expense, or the program may be cancelled without reimbursement of any payment. The program descriptions reflect our current state of knowledge and because the information has been provided entirely by third parties, Chile Inside cannot guarantee its accuracy. Program itineraries and activities are subject to changes. Chile Inside reserves the right to change the program or any part of it prior to its start date or during the program if severe circumstances make changes necessary. The determination of the severity of circumstances in any case are at the sole discretion of Chile Inside. The Client shall actively protect the company’s or institution’s interests throughout the duration of the entire program. If the Client abandons or resigns from a program after its commencement, Chile Inside reserves the right to retain all of the previously made payments. If the Client makes an extension to the duration of the program, he or she shall pay the difference to Chile Inside. The Client shall respect the program site’s code of conduct, structure, products, and working hours and shall safeguard any and all confidential information. In the case that a Client needs to take a leave of absence from the program (e.g. illness), the Client shall inform the program site immediately and notify Chile Inside. By participating in a program, the Client shall respect Chile Inside, its in-country representatives, the program site, and host company. If on-site program directors rule that a Client is failing to meet the behavioral expectations set by these terms, or has demonstrated more severe cases of misconduct (e.g. theft, not respecting the rules or ethical codes, etc.), the Client will be dismissed from the program without any refund. Any vacations or time off must be formally requested by the Client with the supervisor of the program. In the event that the booked program, or any part of it, cannot be carried out due to the fault of a third party (the landlord, language school, program provider, etc.), or because of force majeure, Chile Inside will put forth its best effort to organize an appropriate alternative. The fulfillment is at the discretion of Chile Inside. No classes are held on national holidays. Spanish group courses always require a minimum number of students, and if this number is not met, the Spanish schools reserve the right to convert the group course into a private course and reduce the number of lessons. Missed classes due to an illness or the no-show of the Client cannot be made up, and the Client will not be reimbursed. Chile Inside cannot and does not guarantee the achievement of any language level after participating in a Spanish course, as advancements and performance depend on each Client.

4. ACCOMMODATION: The accommodation will be provided as booked. However, changes might occur due to the requirements of the landlord or force majeure. Furthermore, Chile Inside reserves the right to change the accommodation prior to the program’s start date or during the program if severe circumstances make changes necessary or because of availability. Accommodation takes place in standard single or shared rooms, and meals are not included unless otherwise specified. Clients will stay in houses, apartments, with host families, or in guesthouses. All rooms are furnished and equipped according to standards of that particular region. Accommodations with host families meet the standards of middle class family homes. Towels and personal items are to be brought by the Client, whereas bed-linens will be provided by the hosts. Accommodation in remote areas can be very basic. Rooms are usually shared with other participants and can be very simplistic. The description of the accommodation has been provided by third parties (e.g. the landlord), and the information provided reflects the current state of knowledge of Chile Inside, and Chile Inside does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. General aspects of common curtesy and expectations when sharing a home must be respected. Common areas and the bedroom must be well kept and cleaned regularly. Damage to and/or loss of property caused by the Client must to be repaired, replaced, or paid for by the Client. The Client shall respect the customs of the host country and the household. The Client is prohibited from inviting other people to stay or sleep at the accommodation. Any contrary behavior that might negatively affect the reputation of Chile Inside or the well-being of the landlord or other inhabitants of the house, may lead to immediate dismissal from the accommodation without monetary compensation. Should the Client wish to change the accommodation, he or she shall notify Chile Inside stating the reasons. In case of serious matters, Chile Inside will arrange a change of accommodation without charging additional fees. In any other case, Chile Inside reserves the right to charge a handling fee of 120 USD. A change of accommodation is only possible at the end of each expired month.

5. COMPENSATION CLAIM: Booked services that have not been claimed by the Client will not be refunded. After completion of the program, the Client cannot claim compensation or refund of any service.

6. TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: The Client must carry a valid passport. The Client is responsible for any costs associated with country visas, vaccinations, airport taxes, airport transfers, and any other necessary documents or items needed for the trip. The Client is responsible to comply with the entry regulations of the destination country in terms of entry visas, vaccinations, travel documents, special requirements due to Covid19, etc.  The Client is hereby expressly advised that the timely issue of the relevant entry permit cannot be guaranteed by Chile Inside, nor does Chile Inside take responsibility for the issue of these permits. Chile Inside assumes no liability for loss of participation in the program if entry is refused. The Client must be at least 18 years old at the start of the program, and must be in good health to ensure compatibility with the type of program he or she will be participating at. Chile Inside can admit Clients who haven’t reached legal age of 18 years for some programs, but only with written authorization from legal guardians, legalized in the home country.

7. INSURANCE: All journeys involving public or private means of transportation, activities, or other actions taken during the breadth of the trip, including those that are in direct relation with the course of the program, are at the Client’s own risk. Due to this, it is necessary that the Client purchases insurance to protect themselves in the case of accidents, civil responsibility, illness, theft, etc. At the bare minimum, the Client must have travel health insurance.

8. THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS: Upon request, Chile Inside mediates travel services offered by third party providers that are held personally responsible to deliver their travel services to the Client. These services may include national or international flights, short trips, excursions, transportation, events, insurance, hotel accommodation, and others. It is explicitly referred to that in relation to the service delivery of the provider, the General Terms and Conditions of the respective provider do apply (e.g. airline, bus company, shipping company, tour operator, transport company, hotel, etc.). Chile Inside does not have any influence on, nor takes any responsibility for changes regarding the prices or services of the provider. Chile Inside’s duty is to solely act as a contact between the Client and the provider, and takes no responsibility regarding poor or missing performance of the provider.

9. INDEMNIFICATION: Chile Inside, its agents, employees, and in-country partners, act solely on behalf of and for the benefit of the Client when organizing and managing volunteer projects, work abroad experiences, accommodations, and language courses. Chile Inside, shall not be held liable in any way for non-performance or unsatisfactory service, the injury or death of any person, the loss of or damage to property, accidents or delays, any consequences arising from weather conditions, natural disasters, quarantine, diseases or pandemics, sickness, government regulations, strikes, civil unrest or war, and/or from any act or omission of Chile Inside’s employees, agents, partners, or other affiliated parties. The Client assumes all of these risks, understands the Terms and Conditions and provisions of Chile Inside, and agrees to indemnify Chile Inside, its directors, employees, and affiliates harmless from and against all liabilities that may arise directly or indirectly in connection with participation in Chile Inside’s programs. Chile Inside is not responsible for the successful execution and development of programs that are provided by third parties. As an intermediary, Chile Inside only communicates the information that it receives and is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.

10. MISCELLANEOUS: Some places in Latin America may not have the same economic, social, or political standards as the Client’s home country. The Client understands that many technical, organizational, cultural, housing, and other aspects of the program may not adhere to their own expectations or customs. These aspects do not reflect or depend on Chile Inside, and cannot be influenced by Chile Inside or by the Client.

11. LEGAL DOMICILE: For all legal effects the parties specifically acknowledge that they are domiciled in the borough and city of Santiago de Chile.