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​​Volunteer Work in Environmental Protection
on Easter Island

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​Booking Number


​Program Place

​Rapa Nui National Park


​​The Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean.
Rapa Nui, as Easter Island is called from the indigenous, is about 5 hours flight from Santiago de Chile.


  • ​Collecting and logging plant seeds
  • Recording seedling on the plantation
  • Preserving native seeds and plants
  • Reforestation work
  • Monitoring and logging forest and plant stocks
  • Assisting in environmental education
  • Giving assistance to visitors of the National Park
  • Assisting in the organization of reforestation events for students, students and tourists

​(We would like to point out that the tasks may vary and depend on factors such as the number of volunteers, weather, season, current needs of the project, and self-motivation. Volunteers may not be fully involved in all the tasks mentioned above.)

​Working Hours

​​Between 30 - 40 hours / week

​Start Date

​​Year round, start and end dates are flexible.


​4 weeks

​Minimum Age

​18 years


​​Spanish at communication level (book your Spanish course in Chile with us!)


​The accommodation takes place in a single room in a guesthouse.
(Note: Only Volunteer Work Premium includes the accommodation placement. The rental cost must be paid on-site directly to the accommodation host.)


​​Internet (WIFI) is included in most of the accommodations.


​​Our English-speaking team in the Chile Inside office in Santiago de Chile is always there for you.

​24/7 Emergency Number

​With the booking confirmation you will receive our 24-hour emergency number, under which you can reach us 24/7 in case of emergency.


Please send us your detailed CV with photo and the completed registration form. For more information on the registration process, please see the instructions on the first page of the registration form or contact one of our experienced staff members.

​Application Deadline

​There are no application deadlines. We recommend submitting the documents as early as possible, at least 12 weeks before the desired start of the program, so that there is sufficient time to assure a smooth placement process. For short-term applications please contact us.


​​You need to have a travel health insurance for Chile. You can buy your travel insurance, tailored to the needs of our participants, online with us, at convenient rates. See: Travel health insurance

Program Highlights

  1. ​​​​Volunteering on the famous Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific
  2. Unique insights into the mysterious culture of Rapa Nui
  3. Unique and legendary place on earth
  4. No application deadlines
  5. Flexible start and end dates
  6. Participation possible even without prior knowledge
  7. English-speaking in-country support through our office in Santiago de Chile
  8. Intercultural Orientation in our office in Santiago de Chile

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