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​​Volunteer Work with Smallholders in Patagonia

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You love nature and enjoy being outdoors? You feel like escaping civilization for a while is exactly your thing? You are animal-loving and can muck in well? Then this volunteer work in southern Chile is just the thing for you.

Our program places are located about 6 hours southeast of the city of Puerto Montt in the mountains at the Argentinean border. It is an association of various small farmers in the region. Most of them specialize in animal husbandry, vegetable or fruit growing.

The farms are located in the midst of a beautiful, unspoiled landscape, away from the noise and polluted air of the cities. You will become part of the team here and get unique insights into the work and life of a typical Chilean small farm. You will also get to know the Chilean mentality and culture first-hand and you can share your own culture with the locals. Due to the remoteness of this area, the families are always very happy about the collaboration of foreign volunteers, not only because of the helping hands, but also because of the cultural exchange.

The everyday life on the farms in southern Chile can be hard as well as rough and lonely, especially in winter, when the cold temperatures and weather conditions make the work and life more difficult.

Because of their remote locations without road connections and usually without cell phone reception, the farms are interdependent and dependent on the help of their neighbors. The result is a friendly community that supports each other in a variety of ways. This concept is not rare in Chile and a great way to be independent of external products and goods.

In addition to your work, you have the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings. The area is a dream for outdoor enthusiasts and perfect for activities like kayaking, climbing, hiking, horseback riding, bird watching and other outdoor activities.

Attention, this project is not for city people. The nearest cities Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt are each several hours drive away.

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